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Kim Shook

The Ladies Who Lunch (Part 3)

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24 minutes ago, TicTac said:


FWIW - those would be Betel leaves.  Traditional wraps for beef in Viet cooking.  Great stuff.


If you are ever in Markham, give 'The Pho Restaurant' a shot, husband and wife run front of house, mom and aunt cook - best Vietnamese I have had in the GTA.



Thanks for the suggestion - we do find ourselves in Markham on occasion. 

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On 5/29/2018 at 5:16 PM, Anna N said:




 Our reason for choosing this restaurant:


Banh xeo—Fried pancake with coconut milk, bean sprouts, shrimp and pork. 




 Dipping sauces.



I adore those pancakes!  They are a little hard to find around here.  When I find them, they are called "yellow pancakes" and are always on the appetizer menu.  The only sauce I've ever gotten is a very thin sauce that looks like (but can't be - not strong enough) fish sauce with a few strands of pickled carrots and daikon on top.  The pickled vegetables are also served along side the pancake - to roll up with the herbs in the lettuce (I am too messy to do that.  I just pile it all up, drizzle with sauce and get going with a knife and fork!).  

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That Kerry and I ended up having lunch out today is somewhat of a minor miracle. However, the cause is not  particularly food related so I’ll spare you the boring details and just share photographs of our lunch. We returned to Spoon and Fork which offers fusion Japanese/Thai. 




 Tea for Kerry and warm sake for me.




 Calamari and gyoza. 




 Wonton soup for me. 




 Hot and sour soup for Kerry.




 Chinese beef and broccoli. 




 Chicken curry.




 Chicken satay and seaweed salad.


We also ordered kimchi fried rice with chicken but for some reason it took almost 30 minutes or so I believe for it to finally arrive at the table.  At this point we had lost interest both in the rice and in photography so I apologize.



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 Today we were on Fairview Street in Burlington and when lunch was mentioned we pulled into Ichiban Sushi House. This was only minutes after we noted that the branch of Chapters that has been in Burlington almost from the beginning is now empty.  I am sure I have spent the equivalent of many months browsing the shelves of books in that store.   Now back to the main story.




 As usual tea for Kerry and warm sake for me. 




Complimentary Chap Chae: Glass noodles stirfried with shiitake mushrooms and vegetables and served with soy sauce and sesame oil. 




 A bowl of miso soup for both of us.








 Bento box for Kerry with chicken teriyaki and shrimp and vegetable tempura.




Bento box for me with bugogi beef. (I would’ve liked to run off with the box.)




Small fruit plate brought with the bill. 





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Today Kerry and I returned to My-Thai in Stoney Creek. 




A beer for me and ginger tea for Kerry. 




 Crispy calamari.




Beef salad and a bowl of rice. 




Panang chicken curry. 



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48 minutes ago, Anna N said:

Today Kerry and I returned to My-Thai in Stoney Creek. 


And here I was expecting something else.


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So I knew this morning that Kerry and I were headed to Mickey McGuire’s 




And I thought I would be a little proactive and try to determine where we might have lunch. I discovered a recurring ritual from reading back over old posts.  It seems more than once when we’ve made our annual trip to Mickey’s we have eaten at the same place. Bangkok Spoon.  


 First Mickey’s.  We must’ve spent 45 minutes tasting cheeses. We were helped by a delightful young lady who was not only enthusiastic but extremely knowledgable. 


Neither Kerry nor I are huge fans of soft cheeses but I know there are people who do appreciate them so with the permission of the staff we grabbed a couple of photographs of the soft cheese case.   Unfortunately they were just in the middle of re-organizing it so it is perhaps not showing to its best advantage.




 And here is a peek at the very first layer of a very large shopping bag containing our purchases. 




It’s just a teaser. But for those in the know it’s that time of year again and more cheeses this will make their appearance in the coming weeks.


 And so to lunch.


 We decided to share a bunch of appetizers and when the server arrived with some of them he announced that we had too much food and could we move to a larger table!  Oh well. We moved and swallowed our pride. xD   I am quite sure he meant nothing by it and just wanted to make sure we were a little more comfortable with room to breathe.



 Ginger tea for Kerry. I was very tempted by a single sake on the menu but it was 300 mL and I didn’t feel I could do that justice and still walk out of there under my own power.  I drank water. 




 From left to right:

Calamari, coconut shrimp and tofu with deep fried taro root.




 Something the restaurant called shrimpy cocktail. The sauce is a mild wasabi mayo.





 Sticky rice with peanut sauce.


 It was fortunate that we got there when we did because before we left every single table was filled.   Obviously a very popular place.   I have leftovers!





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sorry about the sake.


every thing looks tasty


next time you go back


thanks them for allowing you to take  the pics of the soft cheese.

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Im guessing that the LL's might take some of that Fromage


to the Island ?




but .....


Hard work ahead


some might like crackers w their cheese




but fresh baked French style bread ?


[ salt , yeast , flour . water ]


or  .....


some dark bread ?


modernist or not ?


dark bread a sour cherries in it ?


See ?


not so easy.

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All very good ideas. But we might also explore some alternative options including nuts and fresh fruit and perhaps some crudités?  

 Or perhaps a little of each.   Part of the joy of anything is the anticipation.   You can’t really go wrong with good cheese.  

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Beautiful cheese shop and cheeses. Will look forward to seeing them again when you and Kerry are up North!

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A lady friend and I met at Jimmy Changas in League City for lunch today to get caught up. We had both been traveling since our last time together, so there was lots to talk about!




I had the Machete Salad (and brought half of it home) with Ranch Dressing on the side and my friend had the Sombrero Plate (Bean Tostada, Crispy Beef Taco, Queso Chip and Guacamole).





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