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Not Your Father's Frozen Vegetables - New Green Giant Brand products

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1 hour ago, ElsieD said:

@HungryChris. Did they say when they would be selling them in Canada?

They did not give those specifics, AFAIK, but they did say they were unable to keep up with current demand, so I would imagine they will have to build out the production and distribution infrastructure before you will see it. If I had to guess, I would say not until late summer, early fall.


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The title of this post is "And then God laughed..."

Some friends invited me to dinner last night. They have two kids, ages 6 & 8. To my chagrin, they served Green Giant Veggie Tots with the dinner.

So I took one for the team.

I was a polite guest and I ate them. My impression was that yes, they were shaped like Tater Tots and the exterior of the veggie tots (cauliflower, in this case) were crispy-ish on the outside (they had been baked in the oven so they could get browned). On first taste, they did taste like cauliflower to me. But the interior had no Tater Tot-like texture...it was just soft/creamy. You know how when you were a kid and you ate fish sticks? Fish sticks are fishy-ish, but don't taste like any specific kind of fish. These veggie tots were sort of like that. After awhile, the veggie tots seemed more tot-ish than cauliflower-y.

I kept thinking of this post, too:

On 2/7/2017 at 4:26 PM, GlorifiedRice said:

...Green Giant doesnt get that the reason people invented cauliflower tots and riced cauliflower and mashed cauliflower etc was to reduce carbs. Adding rice flour does not reduce carbs.

I did not ask my friends why they were serving these veggie tots instead of Tater Tots but may at a later date.


I also have to confess I did buy the Green Giant Roasted Broccoli about a month ago to try it. In the past, I have attempted roasting fresh broccoli at home but didn't like it. It seemed musty to me...just an odd odor.

Well, it was the same with the Green Giant version. After heating the broccoli in the oven, to me, the smell was the same...sort of like walking into an empty pool hall and smelling the faded scent of old cigar smoke. Not good.

I'll have to try the other roasted veggies to see if they're any better.

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I tried these today.  They are gawd-awful.  They were the broccoli tots.

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