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David Ross

eG Cook-Off 74: Holiday Roasts

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This was Christmas Day - I bought a Prime Rib Roast at Publican Quality Meats in Chicago - 65 day aged.  Fantastic.  The carving on the finished product was the result of too much red wine....and people getting aggresive about eating.....it was fabulous but almost too rich - I hate to say it, but I preferred the Chuck Roast....Also cooked via ChefSteps sous vide recipe.




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Easter Bank Holiday Monday Roast.

For Easter it should be lamb, but I already cooked roast lamb for the same family members last week on holiday. Hence, this:


Pork loin. I always have trouble with the crackling so I cheated on one. The joint on the right was brushed with gin before rubbing with salt and pepper, the other was rubbed with S+P without other prep. The gin washed joint had a crisp crackling but it was rather flat. This is a failsafe for crackling, but it never turns out excellent. The other joint actually yielded perfect crackling this time- rather unsatisfactorily for me as I don't know what I did right this time. Anyway, it was much appreciated by my father in law and my 12 year old.


Beet foliageDSC02099.thumb.JPG.336cb18dcf1ce9761490ead79f436017.JPG



Meat and potatoes with two veg. This is England.

Bit of Europe sneaking in as a small glug of truffle oil in the mash.


Tarte Tatin to finish. I don't like pudding, so I'm not good with dessert.This one is hugely popular, and an easy win!



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For your crackling:  I always dry mine in the fridge for a full day after rubbing with salt and rubbing with vodka/gin.  Important for it to be dry.  The other option is if it doesn't get as crispy as you like during the meat roasting, you could cut it off and put it back in at a higher temperature or even under the broiler to be watched like a hawk so it doesn't burn.

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