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Yard Sale, Thrift Store, Junk Heap Shopping (Part 3)

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I found this thick aluminum skillet the like of which I have never seen.  No markings on it.  The handle is made of wood.  The surface is very smooth.  It fried eggs beautifully.  May someone on eGullet can tell me about it?  @andiesenji?  It cost 2 dollars, so I was willing to accept a potential disappointment.




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Posted (edited)

Looks like ""The Original French Chef Omelette Pan", or a knock-off. If the former it will have that info on the base.

Heavy aluminum, wood handle, end of the handle has a metal hanger that'll leave scars if you happen to touch it after it's been on the burner for some time. Ask me how I know. I found one at a Habitat ReStore a few years ago for about the same price you paid. Used it a couple of times, found I prefer carbon over aluminum.


Still available I think: https://www.potshopofboston.com/collections/omelette


eBay always has some listed at wildly varying prices.


Or, I could be wrong.


Quick edit: Julia kind of dissing this style. Seems at one point she had a falling out with the manufacturer.



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 I know, I know I’m trying to sneak a non-food item in here. But how could I not share this little motorbike with its Timex clock with you?  @Kerry Beal  spotted both the plate and the motorbike in a thrift store today before our lunch.  The bike will be a gift for my number two son.  The plate will appear elsewhere with food on it. (I am getting closer and closer to @liuzhou‘s teardrop plate which I have already confessed to coveting.)

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Posted (edited)

and, what  for lunch ?


tasty ?


Crunchy ?


Calamari-ish ?


good dippings ?


P.S :


my apologies 


lunch was a bit farther down on the Scroll !


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