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Nancy in Pátzcuaro

Gardening: (2016– )

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We had a few days' serious thaw, so unexpectedly I was able to get one more harvest out of my garden (we'd been in the deep freeze 10 days ago, and I wasn't sure I'd get another opportunity).


I managed one more mess o' greens, mostly hardy brassicas with a bit of dandelion. The beets I'd planted late - mostly for greens - gave me about a dozen golden beets (an early variety, Golden Grex..the extra-dark Bull's Blood, not an early variety, didn't give me anything but greens in the limited time I had). To my surprise I also got the other half of my red onions, which I'd assumed would be a write off. I'd gambled on leaving them in the ground for another week or two, and then the hard freeze intervened.


My indoor lettuces and kale look like they'll do well in their current location (on a windowsill in our exercise room, where they get more light) so I'll have something fresh to look forward to after the holidays.

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