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Dinner 2016 (Part 10)


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No picture because my camera battery flat lined. I have just finished reading M.F.K. Fisher's How to Cook a Wolf and decided to try one of the recipes. Ham steak baked with sweet potatoes and apples. The ham was topped with a mix of chopped parsley, the fat from the ham (also chopped fine) and mustard. Everything went into one pan, was sprinkled with brown sugar, some apple juice poured in and baked. I finished it under the broiler to crisp the topping on the ham. The recipes in the book are rudimentary to say the least (bake at 325 - 375, no time given) but it actually turned out to be very good. Served with a large mixed salad. 

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Grilled pork shoulder chops dusted with Creole seasoning, done on the BGE.  Recipe from Down South.  The recipe is for a sandwich but I had no fresh bread and I am try to not over eat.  Had a salad to go with the five ounce chop.  These were surprising delicious.  The pork was Berkshire, organic which probably made a difference.  The chop was not that chewy.  At some point I would like to try it as a sandwich but I fear it could be difficult to eat....kinda like the ' schnitzelwich' I had at a famous food truck in Portland...if anyone has had one of those.

sorry no picture...the baseball game is on:$

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In honor of Nation Pasta Week and World Pasta Day, I made thin spaghetti with sauteed mushrooms and shrimp in garlic butter. What better way to celebrate one of my favorite foods than with one of my favorite dishes made with it?


I made Waldorf salad, very light on the mayo, to accompany. Walnuts as a garnish only on mine.

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1 hour ago, Duvel said:

Oven-roasted pumpkin pureed with sharp cheddar, cream, nutmeg and salt. Mixed with macaroni and topped with fried lardons. Simple and satisfying ...




That looks like a lovely idea.

Don't ask. Eat it.


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On my own for dinner, not really hungry, blah, blah, blah... So I nuked a small baking potato and topped it with lots of butter, pepper, sour cream and some chopped green onion. Perfect!




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Saw some nice packs of oxtail a few days ago.   Cooked SV @165f X 76 hrs.  Pulled them today and cleaned the meat from the bones.   Used some of the meat and fried it up in a dry pan to pair  with some collards I picked up today along with sweet and yellow potatoes.  The collards were on the stove when I was cleaning the tail so used  some bones and bag juices in the collards.  Boy did the collards taste good 




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Roasted patchcock chicken seasoned with Paprika Lemon and Lime Spice Blend, No Pasta Mac'n'Cheese, steamed buttered green beans with lemon pepper.
Easy meal when I am busy marking midterm exams.
Made a few more cheese chips to snack on after instead of Halloween treats9_9

RoastChicken Mac'n'CHeese0001.jpg

Cheese Chips0002.jpg

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After a most disappointing ramen experience a couple nights ago I was thankful I did not pitch the meaty broth.  I diluted it with a bit more chicken stock and added a few pinches of umamimart umami salt and another dash of marudaizu shoyu. 


The noodle package called for boiling for four minutes.  This time I boiled for five which resulted in a slurpy rather than al dente texture.  Much improvement.  Why would one wish al dente ramen on one's worst enemy?


Nonetheless my tung if nung from the shichimi togarashi.  This is countered by a most generous Balaclava #1.


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Comfort food/carb overload. Inspired partly by Dutch stamppot and partly by @liuzhou's carrot and potato mash this was potato, carrot, rutabaga mash drowned in doctored "chip truck" gravy and decorated with fried kielbasa.  It was so good but 12 hours later my conscience still hurts. 


 Edited to remove an extraneous good.

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Another home-late-cook something-quick dinner. I picked up a chicken breast from the supermarket which I had to pass. Sliced it thinly into strips and briefly marinated it in wine, a sliced white chilli pepper and some salt. Cooked some capellini pasta, while stir frying the chicken with some sliced button mushrooms, fridge clearance asparagus stems, green onions. Mixed in the capellini and added a little soy bean paste for a bit of colour and umami.



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Dejah, is no pasta mac and cheese made with cauliflower?    If so, I'm in.  I have never liked mac and cheese, but I would love a cauliflower version.


Haven't posted to the dinner thread recently so here are a few of our meals from the last week.


Osso Bucco October 19th, 2016.jpg

Osso Bucco



Sterling Silver Top Sirloin.


Perogies October 18th, 2016 2.jpg


Homemade Perogies


Spaghetti al Pomodoro with Homemade Italian sausage Pattie October 23rd, 2016.jpg

Spaghetti al Pomodoro with homemade Italian sausage pattie.

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Smoke signal... (from an old wok I use for smoking stuff). For smoking I used some aromatic wood chips, Sichuan peppercorns and Orange Pekoe tea. Rosemary between the breasts. First smoked then finished in the oven.


Intensely smokey and still nicely pink in the middle. Kind of hard to test the doneness when both sides are fatty skin which plumps up during cooking.




Because autumn...



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