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ala Lufthansa Cocktail

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This recipe is inspired by the Original Lufthansa Cocktail, not the present day commercially available version, and should end up around 30% abv. For a full history about this recipe and the original that inspired it, please visit my blog, Villa Tempest.



250ml Rosé Vermouth

370 ml Apricot Schnapps/Brandy

75 ml Framboise/Raspberry Eau de vie

20 ml Orange Bitters

55 ml Elderflower Syrup



Combine all the ingredients, mix well and bottle.

Makes 1 x 750ml batch.


Serving Suggestion:

To 2 full measures of Liqueur add an equal portion of well chilled Sekt or Champagne.

Serve in a tumbler over ice, or in a saucer rimmed with a lemon segment and dipped in sugar.

Garnish with a slice of lemon, or a cherry.

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