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Lufthansa Cocktail


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Hi folks, 


I searched here for mention, but didn't pull anything along these lines. So I want to ask, should/could7would/can I post my recipe variation of the Lufthansa Cocktail here?


I discuss its history on my blog, and the rationale behind my recipe for it, but I would love if anyone remembers the original, and is a keen mixologist, would be willing to weigh in on whether its a hit or miss. 


The other reason I think it shuld be in EGullet's recipe archive is, as far as my father-in-law says, there is a recipe out there but its selling for 150€ or so. Which, I think is having a bit of a lend, if you ask me.


So, does it belong here and is it worth discussing?

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Yes, interesting read. Sounds like it has changed considerably over time to reflect the changing palate of the consumer over the last 50 years or so. But it also sounds like it would be a challenge to ever know what the original cocktail tasted like.

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20 hours ago, EvergreenDan said:

...I wonder what the bitter version of the cocktail was.

Me too.


20 hours ago, tanstaafl2 said:

...also sounds like it would be a challenge to ever know what the original cocktail tasted like.

yeah, 30 something years ago I was just completing high school, and its a real challenge for me just to remember what the local hamburger tasted like. I ate plenty of them, but never drank a Lufthansa Cocktail. Had I been old enough and able to enough to fly Lufthansa, it would've only been a once off affair, so I can understand the nostalgia would definitely get in the way, unless of course it was truly exceptional. So exceptional, they felt the need to change it, twice. xD


Recipe now in the Recipe collection.

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