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The netflix for (not just) food magazines


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I am reading more and more on my tablet, and was looking for a way to get a digital subscription for food magazines when I found Readly, the netflix for magazines. For a flat monthly fee of 10 euros you can read all the magazines you ever wanted. For me Lucky Peach alone would be worth a subscription, and back issues are there as well, searchable and clipable form. It can be used on five devices at the same time too.

Normally you get two free weeks, but as a subscriber you can invite others giving them a free month's trial.

I hope I am not violating any site policy by posting this invite link:  https://hu.readly.com/r/Vz-GjKfPBYc4IeP7 but being able to read saveur and delicious and bbc goodfood on my nexus tablet feels like sci-fi to me even tough I have been using the service for almost six month now.





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2 minutes ago, Tere said:

Along the same lines, quite a lot of the UK libraries use Zinio. I am not a major magazine reader, but there's pretty decent choice. And it's free!


Here's an example page: http://www.leeds.gov.uk/leisure/Pages/eMagazines.aspx


Might be worth investigating elsewhere too?


Libraries here in the US use Zinio and other similar services with varying selections of magazines.  My library does not carry Lucky Peach in print or on Zinio but they have a good number of other food pubs. I like that I can read on-line when I have wifi access or download a bunch of current issues in advance for a flight or other occasions when I won't have internet access.  Saves me $$$ at the airport shops!

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