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The Bread Topic (2016-)

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2 hours ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:

Here is a forum question.    How long does your home bake bread maintain its first day flavor and texture?    DH tires of our loaves in 24 hours.    Of course, they have value in different guises, but they lose their ethereal-ness early on.    I don't find this astonishing.   For me, after it loses it virginal bloom, I grill, toast and sop. 


Your opinions?


Really depends on the type of bread, for me. Most white flour, yeast-raised breads have pretty short staying power, with an edge to the enriched ones. But I find a lot of sourdough (particularly with whole grains) actually tastes better after resting a day.


I’m told that tangzhong helps a lot with keeping sandwich style loaves nice for longer, but I’ve only really used it in breads designed for it, so I can’t really compare.

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Sometimes the second day is 95% as good as the first day, but that's about it.  I normally freeze bread the day I make it unless it is baked late in the day.

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We have been baking bread out of Forkish's Flour Water Salt Yeast and what we have noticed is:

  • Breads continue to develop flavor 24 to 48 hours after baking, particularly the large 1.5kg boules 
  • The recipes with wholemeal/wholegrain remain moist for longer than recipes dominated by white flour
  • The breads do not develop mold - we keep them in a pillow case/bread bag and eventually the scraps become croutons or bread crumbs once they dry out

My wife is also intolerant to Soy, and one would be amazed at how many commercial bakeries use Soy Flour in their bread recipes.


My next goal is to replicate Ann_T's Baguette's which look very enticing.






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I vouchedsafe tonight's baguette a more aggressive bake.  Forty minutes as opposed to half an hour.  Mai tai is almost finished; and I shall assay the result with cheese and fruit.  Couple of new cheeses from amazon.


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Finally got around to feeding my sourdough starter this week.

Fed it once to revive and a second time for good measure. Second time I used some of the discard in a 

Biga.  Handmixed a batch of dough on Friday morning before leaving for work and left it in the fridge until

yesterday afternoon.


Baked last night.


Sliced this morning. 


And a simple cheese pizza.

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I decided after 1:00 PM yesterday afternoon to bake.



Since I still had baguettes, both regular and sourdough in the freezer, I went with




Hamburger and Hot dog buns. Used my Kaiser roll recipe. 




And while I was at it, I baked a couple of home-style white loaves requested by Matt.  




Sliced this morning.   Destined for BLT's for breakfast.

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I just took this out of the big bread machine - 3 pound- Black & Decker.  It's the white bread from the machine's recipes and calls for 4 tablespoons dry whole milk powder.

It has to cool for at least an hour before I can cut it.

Note the photo of the bottom with just the two small holes from the drive shafts.

In this machine the last "knock-down" stir is with 1.47 on the timer so as soon at that sounds, I yank the dough, remove the paddles (two in this big pan), re-shape the dough and dump it back into the pan, close the lid and leave it along.

In this batch, it had risen more than expected so I lopped off a piece about the size of a large orange and put it in a plastic bag int he fridge.  Good that I did because otherwise it would have pushed up the lid.  As it was, it had about 3/4 inch space and even with that one end of the top, nearest the opening, did not fully brown, even with the crust color set on dark.

It's difficult to tell just how large the loaf is when standing so I took one photo with it laying on the cooling rack.


Finally, a photo of the crumb and a slice that is twice the size of a regular bread slice.  


I don't know why Black & Decker discontinue the 3-pound machine but I love it.







Edited by andiesenji Add one photo. (log)
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