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The Bread Topic (2016-)

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5 hours ago, blbst36 said:

I was wondering if I could get some help.  I want to make bread for thanksgiving, but I am not going to be in my apartment for most of the day (Attempting a big old hike that morning, so I am just assuming I won't have enough time to make the bread and turkey).  I wanted to make some challah bread.  If I made it the day before, how would I store it so that it wold still be good for dinner?


I was also thinking of making the dough all the way to the braid and putting it in the fridge.  Then, on Thursday, take it out when I get back to rise and bake.  Is this the type of dough I can do something like that with?  I am willing to cut my hike short for the sake of homemade bread xD


ETA - I will be using Peter Reinhart's recipe from Bread Baker's Apprentice



I have not tried it with challah, but I have had success making bread/rolls to the baking stage and then par-baking; baking it until it's formed, risen and crusted over a bit, but not fully done inside. Then you can finish it up with 10-15 minutes the next day right before dinner.


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