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What did you buy at the liquor store today? (2016 - )


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Ive tried the Lagavulin 16


first of all , Im not much of a distilled drink person these day 


I will say this is an astonishing drink.


I mixed a ' dram ' of the whisky with a little bit of cold water


Ive been told that's what you do.


at about 1 unit of whisky and 1/2 unit of water , the alcohol burn receded 


and very fine whisky flavor remained 


it was a very enjoyable drink


no medicinal character at all.


that vein said , the ' finish ' remained for some time


I not sure when one should drink this.   clearly during the colder months


and probably not before a delicate filet of sole dinner.


very nice drink

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48 minutes ago, damaaster said:

Today I finally splurged a bit - and decided to buy this bottle that I've heard so many good things about but have never actually tried. Hope it was worth it:)

Photo's of my Bar & Recipe Ideas


Lovely stuff IMHO

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A bit of background. I am Canadian - and more specifically from Manitoba - which means all our liquor sales are governed by the province. This means our selection is pretty limited. That said, every now and then, they do special releases, (limited quantities). Over the weekend I went to my first ever limited release, and was really hoping to score a bottle of Weller 12. I've heard great things, and have also heard how hard they are to find (even in the USA).

I brought 2 friends of mine with me, because I assumed it would be a limit of 1 bottle per customer (which it was). Anyways, long story short, I was able to walk away with THREE bottles of Weller 12. I also snagged 2 Stagg Jrs (which i don't THINK are as rare...however we never get them up here so I am not sure). I also grabbed 2 bottles of E.H Single Barrel (again - we never get any E.H up here).

This may not be a huge deal for some of the American's on here - but I'm pretty excited...I think I'm going to have to make some trips down to the USA to try and find a few other good bottles we can't get up here.

I haven't opened any of them yet - as I am just getting over a cold, and want to be 100% when I crack em. What should I try first?

Release Jpeg.jpg

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2 hours ago, lindag said:

I have some of that in my liquor cabinet but don't know what to do with it.

How do you use it?


The Laird's Straight Apple Brandy?  Mostly for Autumn in Jersey.  Also for Jack Rose.  @Splificator's IMBIBE! has suggestions.  Tonight the plan is Autumn in Jersey.  Have to hurry because it's almost winter. 


The bonded is aged longer and is smoother.  It has not been available for a few years.


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Cooking is cool.  And kitchen gear is even cooler.  -- Chad Ward

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Im not a big fan of distilled spirits.


but some time ago , I made a fews Negroni's ,


to get them off my mind.  seemed every other post back then was Negroni this , Negroni that.


I did have 1/2 bottle of Bombay Blue Sapphire left over .   I knew it would speak to me in time.


thanks to @Quadriga , I realize that Ice is part of a ' mixed '  drink.


there is a show from ITV , GB,  called Endeavour.   it is a fine show and Ive enjoyed it




Morse is the younger Inspector Morse.  late in Season 5 , Morse




goes  over to Chief Superintendent Bright's house.  He is invited in and CSB makes him a drink :  Gin , Ice , and freshly squeezed lime.


" its the fresh squeezed lime that makes the drink '    says CSB


I tried it and liked it.  I like tart


so today , I restocked :




or better




they were sampling bourbon and malt whiskey.  couldn't say no.   I dislike bourbon.  seems sweet to me.


the Lagavulin was 10 bucks cheaper than before , as they bought a very large lot at a discount.


anyway , the little juicer on the L came from Crate and Barrel .


and I had to try the Blue Sapphire East  for my Gin and Lime.




guess they saw me coming.

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a quick P.S.:


I got the Shieldaig as it was offered at the ' tasting '


they had 6 bourbons , and one whisky.  the person offering the tasting knew a lot about B and W.


the Shieldaig is not smoky , but Id say full aged flavor.


I told them about the wonderful bottle of Lagavulin I had had


then she pulled out 3 more Whisky  anther the display.   we had an interesting discussion about the many W's they had at Total Wine


I got the bottle of S as it contrasted w the Lagavulin.


also why not ?  I liked it in its way 


and I sure the ' presenters ' get some sort of credit for a sale.


I really can see how  one might have an ' interesting journey ' 


probably not in a straight line


looking into the Real Deal Whisky's from Scotland.


I do recall and article , about a Massive Conglomerate , that had bought up lots and lots of Brands of This and That


including Whisky


and they wanted to cure Scotch  Whisky 


in Tequila barrels.


they must be the Conglomerate that cornered the Tequila Trade


and had a bazillion barrels to do something with.


So it goes.

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Is Lagavulin one of the really smoky Scotches? I can't remember what Scotch I had that was so smoky I couldn't drink it. Maybe Laphroaig? 


I'm a Highlands malt gal, myself. I've never met a single-malt that started with "Glen" that I didn't like. Also very fond of Oban and Balvenie.


@rotuts, I agree with you; bourbon seems too sweet. I keep it on hand for friends and to cook with (a little bourbon does wonderful things for French onion soup....). I need to pick up some rye; I've got an urge for Manhattans.


Don't ask. Eat it.


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I am in the camp that finds bourbon too much on the sweet side, though I have not sampled it in decades.  Rye is so much better.*



*except of course for Rittenhouse.


Cooking is cool.  And kitchen gear is even cooler.  -- Chad Ward

Whatever you crave, there's a dumpling for you. -- Hsiao-Ching Chou

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very nice graphic , thank you.


Im no expert , but Id say 


 Lagavulin  is peaty and smoky , but in a very refined way.   its so much better than 


Laphroig , which I haven't had for a long time , and is very peary annd smokily , almost medicinal.


if you ever get a chance to try the Lagavulin 16 , you might change your mind about peaty.   its very refined .


add just a splash of cold water .  it cuts the alcohol burn a bit , opens up the flavors on the tongue 

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I got pisco (Peruvian/Chilean grappa) and American Fruit - Pear brandy liquor recently. 


The pisco was really interesting and seems more local to the Americas than European grappa or other grape brandies (cognac) and not as pricey. 


The American Fruit pear brandy from upstate NY was very high in fruit and the sweetness was balanced (not too sweet) - smooth enough to have on the rocks or with seltzer and ice. 


I just thought local things are higher in quality and better in price so I got these things. 

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6 hours ago, Paul Bacino said:

Bought Japanese Whiskey   I bought the Kaiyo products/  didn't get the Peated though





I liked the yamazaki 12 year a lot but since the Japanese ran low on aged whiskey and started putting stuff out blends for the same price, I didn't feel I was getting my money's worth (for blends with no age statement). 


I'm glad to see an age statement of 10 years on at least on bottle. I hope the blends were up to scratch and worth the dollar. 

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On 2/13/2019 at 8:14 AM, rotuts said:

Laphroig , which I haven't had for a long time , and is very peary annd smokily , almost medicinal.

The "almost" makes that the understatement of the month. :P That stuff tastes like somebody filled a doctor's office with a 50/50 mix of iodine and booze, let it extract what it could for a few days and bottled it. 

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It's kinda like wrestling a gorilla... you don't stop when you're tired, you stop when the gorilla is tired.

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from time to time I try ti be polite.


not often of course ....


its interesting , in terms of marketing , Laphroiag  have so many more varieties 


thank they used to.


perhaps they have be purchased by a Massive Conglomerate  that is trying to extract every last drop


of money from them ?


different barrel types etc 




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More than a few years ago, Laphroaig offered a Laphroaig 15 expression (which I see you can now by for $1200). It was completely different from the 10. The extra age or some other production difference made it much closer to (from memory) Lagavulin 16 than Laphroaig 10. I know there are a number of Laphroig expressions, but I haven't experimented. I think the 10 works very well in cocktails, where the extra "disinfectiousness" is a benefit.

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