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Anna N

What Are You Preserving, and How Are You Doing It? (2016–)

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On 6/10/2020 at 11:11 PM, Darienne said:

There's really no need to buy a dehydrator.  I have dehydrated many items in my oven.   Just turn the oven to its lowest temperature and stick a double oven glove in the opening.  Voilà.  A dehydrator par excellence. 


Good point. My new oven will hold a temperature down to 30 C. With fan-forced, I don't need to keep the door open. I have dried herbs but haven't tried anything wetter.


My hint from when I had a dehydrator is to dip apple slices in orange juice before drying so they don't turn brown. Tastes nice, too.


Anyone have a good source for optimum drying temperatures of different foods?

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