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The Lake House - Daylesford

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Daylesford is a spa town about 100 km west of Melbourne.

It's popular on the weekends as a getaway from the city, here's the Lake House details  https://shar.es/1ZMmRc

The ninth of August is my mothers birthday. This year she turned 94, and of course, every birthday after 90 is a special one, so  I made the 2000 km trek to Victoria. My sister joined us. 


I had a starter of oxtail and bone marrow tortellini with Jerusalem artichoke custard, veal and sherry consommé and truffled brioche.




Here's some local olives, crusty bread and Parmesan sticks.



Here's a salad, plus Brussels sprouts with bacon and chestnuts. We ordered this as a side, mum said she didn't like them. So why did she make us eat them as children ? Oh, that's what you do apparently.



Followed by by pine needle smoked, roast truffled quail with polenta, pumpkin and local forest mushrooms.




Mum wolfed down an amazing dessert before I had time to photograph it.

Then came petit fours and coffee.



The cost for three people, two courses and one glass of wine each was AUD $344. 

A special occasion venue with an ever changing seasonal menu. 

Roll on 95....




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1 hour ago, Shelby said:

Nice!  Happy Birthday to Sartoric's mum!


Along with the food, I love that dish in the olive picture--the polka dot one :) 

They were available to purchase AUD $72 for two, I declined. Very pretty though :)

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