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Living and Cooking in the South of France

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9 hours ago, Chris Ward said:

Anyone else living and cooking in the South of France?


Only in my mind...

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"There is no sincerer love than the love of food."  -George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman, Act 1


"Imagine all the food you have eaten in your life and consider that you are simply some of that food, rearranged."  -Max Tegmark, physicist


Gene Weingarten, writing in the Washington Post about online news stories and the accompanying readers' comments: "I basically like 'comments,' though they can seem a little jarring: spit-flecked rants that are appended to a product that at least tries for a measure of objectivity and dignity. It's as though when you order a sirloin steak, it comes with a side of maggots."

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I am not certain there are too many from the south of France any more - at least who live there on a permanent basis and still post.


I have the same issue with my corner of the world - Nova Scotia where apparently I am currently the only resident. No wonder my taxes are so high.

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Looking through earlier posts, many people seem to come to Paris, eat in the great restaurants with lots of Michelin stars and then move on. May I recommend taking the TGV south to Montpellier and then taking a taxi out to Bouzigues, where a shack on the beach next to the family oyster packing shed will serve you oysters just pulled from the sea? Very tasty.

I'm sure Nova Scotia has equally interesting offerings.

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Chris Ward


I wrote a book about learning to cook in the South of France: http://mybook.to/escs


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Hi, @Chris Ward,


It's good to see you in the forum.


We used to have a valued member here who lived and cooked in France. His name was Dave Hatfield, and he did three food blogs for us. Sadly, he is now deceased, but I really enjoyed hearing about his experiences. You may have come across them already, but if not, here are the links: one, two and three. I like them so much I reread them from time to time. I know I'm not the only one who here who agrees that we sorely him and his contributions.

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