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Pizza Baking Steel

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I guess I was thinking of the type of stainless stee that pots and pans are made of, that steel that btbyrd was referencing doesn't look like my idea of stainless and I could find no mention of stainless at PizzaCraft.

Not trying to be a pain, just curious.



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On 6/7/2016 at 8:13 PM, anneforums said:

I saw there is a guy in Melbourne selling pizza baking steel for Pizza etc. He has different sizes of baking steel. 10mm thickness and 6mm. The reviews from people who have bought them have all been 5 stars. I'm thinking of getting one. Does anyone know if 10mm is better than the 6mm? 


Here's a review by Kenji Lopez-Alt:



He brings up a good point (as others have here) that the weight of the 1/2" is 30 lbs, so it's not very portable and you'd have to make sure your oven could support that.  I have the 1/4" and it does a great job.  I think the 1/2" would retain more heat but that alone would not motivate me to get it.  I do back-to-back pizzas with the 1/4" without issue (without having to wait for the steel to heat back up) and the portability of the 1/4" 15-pounder is important to me.


I know I've read another article that does a direct comparison between the two but I can't find it right now.  The gist of it was that if you have an oven that can support the 30 lbs AND can be solely dedicated to pizza making (so that you could leave the steel in the oven at all times and not have to move it) AND you don't mind paying more for it, then the 1/2" will yield slightly better results.  Otherwise, the 1/4" does a darn good job with nominal differences.

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