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Hot Dogs in Sunday Sauce??!!

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OMG! I had to eat this product as a kid. It was reviling enough without canned hot dogs added, but the sauce was so sweet, I am almost positive that this experience is what causes me to reduce the sugar in every single baked good recipe I follow today.


For your amusement and nostalgia here's a short YouTube recording of a 1966 commercial, that aired constantly when I was a child of seven. Me and my siblings sang that little jingle a lot, although I wasn't exposed to this actual abomination of Italian food until a few years later. Ack, they briefly mention the version with sliced franks at the end. If I ever had to eat this iteration, I have blocked it entirely from my memory, mercifully. "Uh oh, Spaghettios!". xD They got one thing right!


Still not making fun of anyone's way of coping with a limited budget. I would be the last to do so, as mine is so limited now, but I still think Spaghettios just suck. Well overcooked over al dente little rings of anelli pasta in a way too sweet sauce with no onion or garlic, that I ever detected.


Okay. For documentation purposes, here's a link to Campbell's site for the ingredients, so my palate is not as sensitive as I thought. The "onion extract" is the last ingredient on the list. Way down from high fructose corn syrup. And no parm anywhere. They use cheddar. Yum. :S Look up the ones with sliced franks if you want to. I. Just. Can't.



But yeah, we all do what we have to do to survive. And nothing wrong with anelli in Italian wedding soup and so on at all. It is hard to find around here, but Creamette makes a version, I have found occasionally, and I like it very much in soups, cooked properly.

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