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Cicerone - going for my Certified Beer Server certification

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I have decided to go for my first level of Cicerone, Certified Beer Server.  Is there anyone here that has taken this test?  If so what should I read to study for the online test?  Are the questions upfront or do they throw in a few where you have to really stop and think about it?  All of this is to further my knowledge for my customers where I work.  I already have my first level sommelier under my belt and am wanting to expand my knowledge.  We have serious beer customers coming in the liquor store, especially with all the new craft brewers popping up here in Oklahoma.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.  I do have 3 bottles of Prairie Pirate Bomb stashed away in my closet to celebrate when I pass the test.  

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I have not taken the test, but I have been following the certification since the beginning. For the first part is appears that if you have spent any time behind or even on the drinking side of a bar and take your beer seriously you will pass. In my opinion I feel that anyone who pours beer should have to pass the Certified Beer Server exam. It should be a requirement to be able to legally serve beer to have this certification. Too many time have I tried a new place which is supposedly a craft beer joint and have an uneducated bartender pour a nice beer in an american pint glass to continue to tilt the glass to pour off the head and fill to the brim. They even will serve without a quick wipe of the side of the glass with a bar towel.


Have you subscribed to Cicerone.org? I think the hardest part will be learning all the beer styles. Apparently they have changed names and that could throw you off. I'm excited to follow your progress. When they started requiring experience for the higher levels I became discouraged. Can't exactly quit my day job to hang out with brew masters. That would be lovely though. 

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