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Veal bones/breast/knuckle - WI, Chicago?

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Hey all -


I'm sure this has been talked about but as I've been awhile for quite a long time, I thought I'd ask anew in case anyone knows of current sources. 


I live in Madison, WI.  Having a difficult time getting veal for stock, at least anything more than bones, and those, at $4.00 per pound.  Could be I've been away so long, I haven't known of a price rise in veal.


Metcalfe's can order in breast, but that is only slightly less, $3.79.  I tried to get them to work with me as I have used them quite a bit since coming back to cooking, but though they pay wildly different wholesale prices for their shanks and breasts, so they tell me, and it would make sense given that that the cost of breast to me would be much less, they say it's a loss for them at these prices anyway, and they just try to get rid of them.


Outside of our local Metcalfe's, can't source any veal, not even from farmers I know.  I'd be willing to make a sojourn to Chicago on an occasional basis for a quantity buy.  Andy's deli used to be a wonderful source for all kinds of bones, esp. lamb, at ridiculous prices - memory is something like $0.50 per pound, something like that.  But they no longer do it.  Calling up Paulina Meat Market, they come in at $3.99 for breast.


Any recommendations?  Many thanks.



Remplis ton verre vuide; Vuide ton verre plein. Je ne puis suffrir dans ta main...un verre ni vuide ni plein. ~ Rabelais

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