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Inexpensive Bonbon Packaging Help?

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I know this question gets asked frequently, and I've done my research, but I can't believe that I can't find a less expensive option for packaging to hold 2 truffle-sized bonbons.  The two options I liked (from Nashville Wraps and BoxandWrap) come to over $1.60 each when factoring in shipping.  There is no way to price them at that cost.  Am I missing some options out there?

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Are you looking for cardboard boxes or are plastic ok?  Glerup-revere has a variety of clear boxes, I like the low profile ones, they fit my smaller bonbons without too much extra room on top. Though since I'm local I pick mine up at will call so I'm not sure how their shipping rates are. 

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Papermart.com has (relatively) low prices.  This truffle box is a rigid box, quite substantial (I have used this same box in other sizes) and is priced at 40 cents per piece (not including shipping).  In general, as you already have discovered,  boxes are quite expensive.  $2 a box is not at all unusual for containers holding about 6 pieces.  Folding boxes are less expensive than the rigid (already set up) ones.  But, in my opinion, the presentation of your product makes a big difference, and I think you should get the best-looking box you can afford.  One other piece of unsolicited advice:  If you find boxes you really like, stock up on them because they go in and out of availability often (I was surprised at the huge delays in shipments from China--the source of most stock boxes--caused by last year's dock strike on the West Coast).

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You guys are the best!  I had completely forgotten about Glerup/Revere, PastryGirl, I'm gonna have fun looking through their options.


I definitely want clear boxes; Kerry, here are the two options I was looking at:






Jim, I have purchased my other (larger) packaging at Papermart and I generally like them a lot.  I just wish they had a 2-truffle version of their PET box with the gold bottom; that would be perfect.  And thanks for the tip on availability.  I'm really just a hobbyist who is selling a little on the side at this point and trying to keep my price point low, so not (yet) splurging on the gorgeous boxes....


Edited: Oh dear, Glerup has a $50 minimum and is on the opposite coast from me.  Curses!!!


Edited by RuthWells (log)
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I hear ya, Ruth. It is so difficult finding that perfect fit with packaging, pricing and shipping.  These are some of the options I used, (before the house/shop burned down):

Sweet Packaging has some 2 part boxes with the acetate lids. They will hold two fairly large pieces. You can get cavity inserts for them as well. Might be a little more pricey, but honestly, I cannot recall what I paid for those. I know they give volume discounts, though. 

The cardboard, one-piece folding boxes at Nashville Wraps are only about .29cents each. If you build it into a large order, you can get free shipping. This one...http://www.nashvillewraps.com/candy-boxes/clear-truffle-boxes/sku-fc23abr.html  is less than a dollar per box, and has a clear lid.  If you can build a large order ($300 +), shipping is free.   A couple times a year, when there is a big sale, I order all the Christmas packaging I can, along with the gift bags, ribbons, fibre tissue, etc. I don't have to do it often, and to get that free shipping is such a bonus! 


I like alot of the ASB boxes, but, the shipping costs end up being 1/3 -1/2 of the purchase price. The only way to break even with that company is to buy the clearance items when they hit 40 or 50% off.  I cannot figure out why they don't do it the way Nashville Wraps does it. They'd probably get tons more business. 



A 'balanced diet' means chocolate in BOTH hands. :biggrin:

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29 minutes ago, RuthWells said:

You guys are the best!  I had completely forgotten about Glerup/Revere, PastryGirl, I'm gonna have fun looking through their options.


Edited: Oh dear, Glerup has a $50 minimum and is on the opposite coast from me.  Curses!!!


How many do you need?  I'm not home at the moment but I'm pretty sure I have a bundle of the two piece boxes. I could send you a few for cost plus shipping. 

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Oh my goodness, ChocoMom, I'm so sorry to hear about your fire.  How devastating.  I hope there were no injuries.


I love that box from Nashville Wraps, but with shipping it's over $1.60 per piece, and I'm not doing the kind of volume that would justify a $300+ order, unfortunately.


Sweet Packaging certainly has some reasonable options, thanks for that tip!!

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