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Thick cut flanken short ribs? How to cook these?


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I stumbled upon these short ribs recently at a local Korean grocery store. I noticed that they were labeled as choice grade, and certainly were surrounded by other packages of the same cut, but they appeared to have significantly better marbling. As in, they didn't look anything like the others - much, much, much more marbling. I am pretty certain these were mislabeled, and must be from a higher grade. 


Anyhow, I have never quite seen short ribs cut like this before, which, along with their significant marbling is making me question how to use them. They appear to be very thickly cut flanken short ribs. 


I was thinking of trying to remove the bones form each of the three pieces and cook the short ribs like steaks, to medium to let the fat render a bit. Any thoughts or suggestions? How is this cut normally used?





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That don't look choice (  But that cut I have seen good marbling )..  but what ever you do be sure to defat those things.

So cook..  either of the above ways or you can braise those things too


I would need to remove a good amount of that rendered fat,  I have  fat separator glass.

Then cool medium with the  ribs over night and reheat.


Another thing if you over cook them they will turn to mush.. sous vide will prevent that.  Pressure cook I'd almost do 30 mins @15 psi  but I have done 40 too

Braising you can touchy feely  ..  if you wish


Just my thought

Its good to have Morels

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I'll tell you what I like to do with them; ddeokgalbi. You cut between the bones and then take the meat OFF the bones, and mince it. Then you marinate it with chopped onion and green onion, soy, honey, sesame oil and black pepper and then sort of reshape it onto the bones.


Then I grill it (or what Americans call broil) for only 15 mins in a cast iron pan, and then put it on the stovetop for another ten minutes, tilting the pan and spooning the caramelising marinade back over the top. Short rib this way doesn't need a long slow braise (nothing wrong with that, just a different style) and it's SO juicy and tender and good - and you still get to chew the bone. 


Here's a recipe: http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/tteokgalbi






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