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Perly's Deli - Richmond VA

Kim Shook

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Yesterday was Jessica’s 32nd birthday.  She was going up to Washington for a concert so we met for breakfast at Perly’s a Richmond deli.  This place has been open for over 50 years in one guise or another.  This was my first visit and I can’t believe that I’ve never been before.  It is exactly the kind of place that we would have loved when I was in college and within walking distance of school.  My friends and I would have spent every Saturday morning here if we’d known about it.  My breakfast:


Pumpernickel bagel with olive cream cheese, smoked sausage, latke w/ warm applesauce and chive sour cream and perfectly poached eggs.  Mr. Kim’s:


Corned beef hash with an egg and Russian hollandaise, a salad w/ pickled cauliflower.  Jessica’s:


ET bagel w/ herb cream cheese and more of those poached eggs.  They brought her two kinds of hollandaise – Russian and dill.  Everything was delicious!

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