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Half bottles at restaurants


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I think that Babbo and Italian Wine Merchants both do Quattro's (small decanters) from large format bottles. I thin that this is a great idea if it is not kept open overlong.

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Beachfan -- I don't know much about wine/prices, but the Gary Danko indicative list had a number of half-bottles, including Opus One 1999 (too young, even though 1/2 age more quickly in general?):


Your advice on the Danko winelist (bottles and half-bottles) would be appreciated.

In France, while I have yet to visit Jacques Thorel's restaurant in Brittany, its wine list has nice 1/2 (and is very strong overall):


(click on the "stamp" labelled "The Cellar" and then look at the very bottom of the right hand side of the displayed area)

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This is the type of wine list that makes BYOers so happy they are. Basically, it's triple retail. I'm sure Gary needs the money to support such a list, but I"d prefer a smaller seclection that's more affordable.

None the less, you are right, it's a great half bottle selection.

The Tokay Pinot Gris's all seem delicious. I haven't had it but the Kuentz Bas Pinot Blanc might be my affordable selection, or the King Estate Pinot Gris.

I don't know burgs, but if your inclined, you could research the Lignier 99 Morey St. Denis (or the Comte de Vogue or Dujac grand crus, for a real splurge).

The 99 Domaine Pallieres Gigondas is delicious. While $32 for a half is very pricey for this wine, it's probably the best low price red wine pick.

Chehalem is my favorite Oregon Pinot Noir producer, and while I haven't had the 2000 Rion Reserve, I would think it would be very tasty if you like new world pinots.

The Montelena 1996 is a nice splurge.

I have problems accessing the full bottle list other than French Reds. Great trophies if you have the money. Nothing that seemed reasonably priced to me (but then again, I"m not building a cellar for the internet tycoons).

When are you going?


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