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Craig E

Thanksgiving cocktails

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On ‎11‎/‎18‎/‎2017 at 11:02 AM, EvergreenDan said:

Oh, alright. You boozeshamed me into making Fish House Punch for the first time. I'm thinking Obsler (apple+pear eau de vie) plus some Giffard apricot liqueur for the peach brandy? Or I have a little Blume Marillen apricot eau de vie, but it seems a touch spendy and subtle for the application. I'm out of Calvados (having never again seen Dupont since the bottle I snagged about 5 years ago), but I have the Laird formerly known as BIB. Daron XO is probably available.


I think your expensive eaux-de-vie would get lost in the punch - these are best for sipping.

I'd go with Laird bib + apricot liqueur 2:1 to get some nice fruit flavors without too much sweetness.

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A couple of years ago my son made Dark and Stormy cocktails pre-thanksgiving-dinner with lovely fresh apple cider and Jamaican ginger beer. I haven't had one since but now I want one. Seems the right thing for the time of year.

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