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Dining at Disney World without dizzy....


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we're going to be in Disney World early January 2016 - something about marathons, whatever.


anywhey...  a dinner night for 'something else' is reserved.  I found four options:







despite the favorable ratings/comments/etc - I've tended to rule out (Chef's Table....) based on the fact that it is a Disney property and the Disney imagineers can make anything sound good.


the Venetian web site is uninspiring.


we're leaning to Christini's.


first hand experiences / comments appreciated!


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despite the favorable ratings/comments/etc - I've tended to rule out (Chef's Table....) based on the fact that it is a Disney property and the Disney imagineers can make anything sound good.


A friend of mine, who occasionally posts here and on other food-related web sites, and who knows what he's talking about (at least when it comes to food :wink: ), liked Victoria & Albert's very much, iirc.

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The area has lots of very good restaurants, depending on the type of food you want as well as the atmosphere and of course, how far you want to travel 

Restaurant Row near Christinis:

Big Fin Seafood Kitchen (Seafood) is very good

Seasons 52 (American Cuisine) is very good

Stefano's Grill (Steak and Seafood)  is small but excellent


Christner's Steak House is one of the  best steak houses in the area (pricey)


In Winter Garden there is a restaurant called "The Chefs Table" which is very similar to Victoria & Alberts (someone said the chef used to work at V&A) - but, the price is no where near what you'll spend at V&A


If you want a great meal, very reasonable, but with a definitely more relaxed atmosphere (and a wait as the snow birds love this place) you can go to Manny's Original Chophouse.  They are just opening one on 192 near WDW, I can't say what that restaurant will be like but the original one on 27 just south of I-4 is wild, crazy, (loud) and fun.  You won't spend a lot of money, you will leave full and the happy hour is great.


Near Disney Springs sits Johnny's Hideaway, another seafood restaurant that is also very good. 


Let me know if you want more - because I can supply additional recommendations

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thanks for that list - this is going to be a big family to-do, so we have only one night "free."  hopefully it will not be our last meal (g) - someplace decent will work -


based on further readings.... I did try for Victoria and Albert's.  they list a xxx-7707 phone for reservations; call there, it rings though to "Disney Dining" and the phone person was unfamiliar with the name, looked and looked, hemmed & hawed, hold please , , , and finally informed me that as far as she could determine they don't do reservations for Victoria and Albert's.  tried the on-line site, nothing is available; phones go no where - it's apparently like the French Laundry - so famous it just does not need customers anymore.


so, we'll find another spot.  seafood sounds good -

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If you're intent on Disney Dining - try Narcosse's (also at the Grand Floridian) we actually liked it better than V&A - You can see the fireworks from the boardwalk around the restaurant or walk down to the dock -


The California Grill at the Contemporary is also good (excellent Pork Belly) plus you get to walk out on the walkway to get an amazing view of the fireworks - WAVES on the main floor of the Contemporary is also good.


We can set you up with a waiter at the C.G. - he will take great care of you -


Victoria and Alberts will set you back (depending on the wine you select - if any) a few hundred dollars for a couple.  If it's a big family night, I wouldn't suggest V&A -

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it'll be just the two of us we have one night not booked with other activities.   time to time we do a biggie vacation and try to 'experience' the 'famous' - sometimes it works, sometimes is does not work.  I tried contacting The French Laundry for almost a year - the web site was 'down for renovations' - so was their phone - so was their email - so was their USPS delivery - the responded to _nothing._


actually I'm very un-set on DizzyDining - the prime reason I initially passed on V&A - sometimes the spin doctors outdo themselves....

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Disney restaurants are typically designed for "the masses" (when you have almost a million people per day you need to do something to appeal to the broadest base possible).  But there are a couple of good restaurants on site.  We haven't tried the Yachtsman Steak House (but have wanted to) however some good friends of ours went there and proclaimed it "not so good" especially when you're paying $48.00 for a steak -

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thanks RM - the web said nothing available, but restos don't always open 100% to the web.


ref: Disney doesn't book....

I called the Hotel and they gave me the direct +Victoria&Albert's number, 407-939-3862 iffin anybody else needs it.


turns out the Chef's Table option is closed all of January for renovations.

not a single thing available comma anyway.  but they did wait list us.


need to pry around the other suggestions in the thread and see what we can come up with.

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"In Winter Garden there is a restaurant called "The Chefs Table" which is very similar to Victoria & Alberts (someone said the chef used to work at V&A) - but, the price is no where near what you'll spend at V&A."


So we meandered on down to The Chef's Table at the Edgewater n Winter Garden - not a real far drive, some traffic - allow extra time in the 5-7 PM timeframe as Orlando area has some Class LA style traffic.  There are 16 seats in The Chef's Table option; it is sandwiched between a pub grub / bar front room and something else behind the kitchen.  The setting and attention from the supervising staff is what one would expect from the 'chef's table' moniker.


DW went with a Mushroom&Chive Crepe Torte
(16 ounce double thick bone in) Berkshire grilled pork chop
Chocolate Torte dessert


I did the Pan seared Foie Gras
Pan Roasted Duck
Sweet Potato Bread pudding for dessert.


The food was very well prepared and far better than you'll find in many many "fine dining" eateries.  
Priced at $56/person for the three courses, it is an exceptional value.


There were two service breakdowns.  Cocktails were not offered, and by the time I got someone's attention to that, the timing was thrown off and we wound up with cocktails, wine and appetizer on the table enmasse.  We requested a second roll/bread and had to follow-up on that as well.


The food was obviously prepared with skill and exquisitely presented.  My comments are based on my own tastes and preferences and should not be negatively construed with the exception of the Brussels sprout issue.


Fois gras - expertly done, but just two small, very thin slices.  Barely enough to taste.  Prepared with a maple syrup reduction which I found a tad too sweet, but still veddy tasty.


The Crepe Torte sauce used something of the Brussels sprout (prepared for other dishes on the menu) that simply did not mesh taste wise.  DW could not continue with the sauce - I found the taste not good as well - and we are both Brussel sprout eaters.....go figger.


The pork - I'd tell you something about it, but DW ate the whole 16 ounces.  I got to gnaw a little meat off the bone.  I'm gonna' say it was really good.....Berkshire pork usually is extra tasty.


The duck was very nicely prepared.  It was quite good but not a "duck spectacular."  It certainly did not disappoint.


The Sweet Potato Bread Pudding definitely made the spectacular taste and creativity class.  Highly recommended.

The Chocolate Torte was extremely dense and heavy; DW couldn't finish it, took it home, couldn't finish it the next day either.


We did the cheese plate.  I like to do these hoping to discover something new and yummy.  It was very nice, but nothing unusual, new or particularly taste catching.


We also did the wine pairing.  I keep making the vow I'll never do it again, and then I crumble.....
Wine is one of those very individual taste things.  For two diners, three courses = six opportunities, four were poorly received.  Some DW liked, I didn't and the other way too - so that should tell you, it's probably not the Chef's selection but more the patrons' preferences.  The good news is the pairing is reasonably priced ($24/person) so the let down is not further compounded by a "lack of value."


But I would go back - it's a good find!

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