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Chris Kimball is leaving America's Test Kitchen - contract dispute


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I wish I knew more about the finances of PBS Cooking shows. they seem to be very lucrative, have lots of ads etc


I wish I knew the history of the Kimball Empire :   a really good idea : no ads, testing R's    then expansion, investing, a questionable business model


( re-publishing w no ref to earlier works, beyond aggressive marketing ) , vast wealth, etc


indeed the TV show had two episodes on a butterflied pork loin roast at one point that only differed a tiny bit on the salt, and how you 'opened-up' the loin.


how did this guy ever lose control of the company ?

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I can't imagine ATK without Kimball,  In my mind, having followed him since the beginning, the guy is a genius.

Listening to him on his ATK podcasts, my opinion in reinforced regularly.

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to be a bit more fair :


He did manage to publish several cook books and a previous 'Cook's' magazine, which he sold, prior to founding the Golden Goose, INC. LLP.


I have taken no cooking courses, and have no background in the food business, other than a Day-to-Day study of the Market and its Shelves.


I have published no cookbooks either


My TML w trimmings is the Best of its Kind, bar none. I consistently give it 5 stars.


to be fair, I also wore bow-ties a long long time ago, to avoid small children's antics.


I gave them up and just wore pajamas all day.


"  CK is the Ringmaster of ATK "


one who seems to have lost his whip.

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I think CK wanted out. Could've stayed, but chose to go.  Which may be the best for him.


ATK may well regret their low offer. From a comment on twitter it would appear that CK has no non-compete clause.

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I, for one, will not miss him or the show.  which I agree with multiple sentiments - is currently on the doomed list.


I found his approach so superficial and seemingly uniformed as to be totally dismissive.  it came across as "I am me and I am my own expert and you are you and since you're watching here's what you should think."


if one goes back to the old Consumer Reports (dropped it long time ago, no clue as to their current mode) they would explain what they tested and how they tested it - and then the ratings / rankings / results.  if one had a brain, one could decipher whether or not what they did applied to one's situation.  ATK runs along the lines of "We did everything and this is the best" - or perhaps more accurately "this is the one that paid us the best sponsorship."


the few times I sat through the program I was left thinking:  "What planet does this dude cook on?"


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What little I did watch did not hook me. It takes a lot for me to commit to just about anything on TV


Of course I shell out over $80 a month for my Dish TV and rarely turn it on. I got it for the 2014 Olympics. Since my contract runs only a few months before the 2016 Olympics I will keep it until that's over. Then my DW and I will decide whether to keep it or not.


Food Network and their second channel (can't remember the name) do absolutely nothing for me.

Porthos Potwatcher
The Once and Future Cook


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I wish I knew more about the finances of PBS Cooking shows. they seem to be very lucrative, have lots of ads etc.


Much like FN, the PBS shows don't much more than break even on their own. The real money is in selling cookbooks, branded cookware, foods, and promoting restaurants. I learned this from watching a biography of Rick Bayless and his empire.

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I received an email from ATK/CI this morning regarding the changing of the guard, so to speak, at their headquarters as they bid adieu to Chris Kimball and his bow ties.

The email states they wish him the best and announced that the new hosts of "ATK" will be Julia Collin Davison and Bridget Lancaster, who were the main test chefs featured on the show for years. The email mentioned that there were "ATK" shows in the can with Chris hosting which will air during the rest of this year and that the new hosts will takeover starting in the 2017 season.

It also said there will be new hosts for "Cook's Country" but that there was no news on that front at the moment.

The email also mentioned that Chris will continue hosting the ATK Radio show (which I had no idea that it even existed)..


“Peter: Oh my god, Brian, there's a message in my Alphabits. It says, 'Oooooo.'

Brian: Peter, those are Cheerios.”

– From Fox TV’s “Family Guy”


Tim Oliver

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i was wondering about this my self


not too much  just a liftle




CK ( Chisssssey K ) was suposed to annouce a New Venture


at the end of Jan


Nada ?


I for one cap the shows


get the books out of the Library 




Ck is doing what ?

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