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Are you Nuts for Jelly Candy


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It just dawned on me.  I'm currently making apple leather...and the rolled bits look like some kind of fruit leather with thinly sliced nuts in it.  I could try sliced almonds in my next batch of apple leather.


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Darienne, your apple leather does look like some of the Turkish Market candies, as well as a couple of Nicolai's shots. Interesting! The very first photo in his post looks like it might have a halva base, and I think the guess about nougat also looks likely for some of it.

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Ohhh. The post was moved and I just found it.


These pictures are not for Turkish sweets and such is availabe in a much wider number of countries.


These sweets are made of two basic mixes namely:


1- Nougat and more specifically Nougatine. Nougat includes egg whites while Nougatine does not use egg whites and is thus harder and more brittle (Sugar+glucose+corn syrup}


2- Jelly. Originally the jelly was red grapes (pectine factor) based and we still have only the color and not the flavour. Thanks to commercialisation,


- Nuts: The nuts are any nuts you can think off with the exception of walnuts.


- Color very unfortunately is food coloring. The yellow should have been a mix of saffron and turmeric.


These are not lukum or halva - halwa or loukumia...etc.


Very unfortunatly, the taste is lost and you are left with teeth damages.

The original version was indeed very yummy.


Probably Darienne Apple leather is much tastier.


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