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Weights + Measures - Houston


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A restaurant, bar and bake shop, the main retail outlet for Slow Dough bakery with baking on premises.




Plan B for lunch today; I was thinking they had a charcuterie plate but it was a pressed salumi sandwich - 2 types of salami, ham, cheese and red pepper on a pressed ciabatta roll, with house-made chips and bread and butter pickles.  I woulda rather had a charcuterie plate with bread and cheese.  It was supposed to be a half pound of meats and I was so full afterward I couldn't even contemplate the sweets in the bake shop but I did score a loaf of pumpernickel. I've had a thing about pumpernickel in recent months and I think Slow Dough makes the best one in town.




W + M was recently named by the reviewer for Houstonia Mag as one of the ten best new restaurants of the past 12 months.

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