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11.8" Mauviel 250C Fry Pan "Good" Deal


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Hi Everyone,


Just wanted to alert those who would be interested in this pan. I just purchased it and still can't believe the price I paid.


You can get it here for $290 after tax and shipping - http://www.previninc.com/shop/Mauviel-Copper-Fry%20Pans.html


Still a lot to spend on a pan, but the best price by over $100 I've seen anywhere. Just wanted to pass it along to maybe the one or two people who would be interested. Or the one or two people who didn't know they needed it until just now.


This pan has 2.5mm of copper so it is the real deal. Not the table presentation version. I ordered it Saturday and it arrived yesterday. Absolutely fantastic.


If you're a fan of Matfer Bourgeat, as I am for everything but their fry pans, then I've found this place has the best prices for their stuff, with or without lids - http://www.culinarycookware.com/matfer-bourgeat-copper-cookware.html


Hope this is helpful!


edit: just realized how this may look. I am in no way affiliated with either of these companies. Just like saving myself money and hopefully others.

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