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Veal Bones in Wilmington, DE (which is close enough to PA to be here)


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This is so good I've just gotta share it... I just returned from Papa's Food Market in Wilmington, DE, where I picked up 8 pounds of beautiful veal bones, cut up into manageable size pieces, for a veal stock I'll be making tomorrow. At $1.99/lb. that's quite a find. The people there are so nice and so helpful. And although I don't get down there often, whenever I do, I say a silent "Thank You!" to TravelMad478 on CH for introducing me to Papa's.

I just posted this on CH, too, although given the general state of confusion and disarray there it's unlikely it will be seen by anyone in the vicinity.

And just to be clear, I'm intentionally posting this on "Pennsylvania Cooking & Baking" and not "DC and DelMarVa" because Wilmington, DE is more a suburb of Philadelphia than it is aligned with the DelMarVa peninsula.  I live in southeastern PA, just a few miles north of Wilmington, and I do a lot of shopping in Wilmington.


This topic has been moved to the 'DC and DelMarVa: Cooking & Baking' forum to make it easier to find in searches (since, in point of actual  geographical fact, this is in DE).

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