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I need a substitute for short ribs


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I've been to a place out in Newark called something like "World Market". Some of the produce was okay; the meat all looked a little scary to me. For Asian groceries, I like Young's (or is it Yung's?) on the Kirkwood Hwy near Elsmere. But there, too, not for meats.

This was next to Hooters on kirkwood Hwy.

Would've been great for kalbi. If I were willing to eat it

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ive not found short ribs in my area 'easily' that I think have fair value.


from time to time I do go to Chinatown BOS, which was across the street from where i worked for many years.


their meats are outstanding, if you want to play Rugby with various elder Chinese ladies, the ones in the puffy plaid jackets.


that's not a criticism in any way. its the way its done.


Id only say   look for 'Blade Roast' in your area 


of join one of those food clubs like Costco.


there are ways to share that card.


then get a nice freezer, on sale, with free home delivery.


review SV, and IP's  and of course grilling w your GirllGrates.



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