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Instant Pot. Multi-function cooker (Part 1)

Anna N

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Rice Pudding...easy peasy. I based it on this recipe:  http://www.pressurecookingtoday.com/the-best-pressure-cooker-rice-pudding/


Used basmati rice and added cardamom instead of cinnamon. Raisins added during the boil to make sure they are soft!






Pork belly is marinating and I'm nearly embarrassed to say Champ is on the menu!  Company is coming tonight :)

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In the Hip Pressure Cooking newsletter I received to today mention was made of a new Breville product(to North America) of the "Fast Slow Pro" pressure cooker. It looks similar to the Instant Pot. Among other things, it adjusts for altitude and has 8 pressure levels. Has anyone heard of this? It is already sold in the U.K. and Australia under the Sage Appliances name and is called, perhaps not surprisingly, the "Fast Slow Pro-Sage". I'd be curious to hear from U.K. folks and Australians if they are familiar with it. The article states that the expected price is $249.99, presumably in US $.

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It seems that the difference between the IP and the SAGE basically comes down to programming. The Sage allows more variables such as pressure, temperature, time etc to be be chosen in a compound fashion (menu item) as opposed to the IP which does that but individually without any reference to what your cooking.


I'm happy with my IP and won't move to the SAGE unless someone comes up with a convincing argument. Mind you, if I didn't have an IP, and this was available at a reasonable price, I would opt for this. The ability to set the variables according to menu choice I see as a definite advantage, especially after a disappoint result last night that I'll recount in a separate post later.



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A disappointment last night, due I'm sure to operator error rather than machine malfunction. I decided to do back ribs last night in the IP. I had browsed a number of recipes for ingredients and methodology. With this hodge-podge of ideas in my head I proceeded.

I "marinated" the ribs with a dry rub for about 5 hours. I used beer as a liquid in the pot, placed the ribs on the trivet above the beer. I set the IP for high pressure, 20 minutes and released the pressure after about 8 minutes (after the 20 minutes). I took them out to the bbq and browned them then brushed with bbq sauce and allowed them to develop a bit of a char, total time on the bbq was about 20 minutes.

The ribs were tasty, but I've made better. The big problem was "fall off the bone" they weren't!!! Edible, but barely, very chewy.

The big problem was that I didn't follow a recipe/method but I followed many recipes at the same time.

The most obvious flaw was cooking time, especially as I was cooking them above the liquid as opposed to IN the liquid. I should also have done a complete natural release instead of a "sort-of" natural release. I'm uncertain about the advantages of cooking above as opposed to cooking in the liquid, I'm not a fan of "saucey" dishes.

However the most tragic part of last night's fiasco was the waste of a perfectly good beer!!!! The effect might have been there, but the combination of the rub and bbq sauce certainly overwhelmed my palate.

I would welcome comments regarding my assessment of my failure as I have the other half of the rack in the freezer that I'll try next weekend and I do not want a repeat of last night!


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hight pressure w the IP is about 11 kPs  as far as I can tell, and a regular second generation PC  its about  15 kPs


in the BV manual, the range for PC'ing is  10 kPA - 80 kPs     ( BV manual  pp. 13 )


this seems based on these numbers, that the BV  goes to a much higher pressure.  even higher than a traditional PC


so Im guessing something is a bit wrong in my analysis.


Id like to hear from someone that can clear this up.


out of curiosity.   Im fine with my IP


if you say live in Denver, or up in the mountains even higher, then this would need a closer look.


the manual from AUS  is 230 V.


if it is really going to sell USA  $ 250 USD   that would be 200 BB&B w Ubiquitous Coupon.


I am interested in what the pressure settings in the manual actually mean compared to the traditional 15 kPs of the stove top model.



after a bit of work  :


BV's 80 kPs  = 11psi


\ao ignore most of the above :


IP gives you only two psi setting, the BV does not go higher.  and the stove top is 15 psi.


if you need such finer choices which the BV might give you  only the user can tell


I doubt it.


again, if the altitude adjustment works, that's a consideration for some.


after all  " True internal pressure "   the actually pressure inside the container is what determines manufacturing standards and


material costs.


a true 11 psi at high altitude ( internal pressure ) could clearly be softWare adjusted.

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Well, now I'm in love.


Today I made Caponata (mainly from this Smitten Kitchen recipe, but with a few modification on the fly) and I've decided give it a try to the IP for frying the eggplant and, one more time, it came out perfect.The oil got to temperature easily (Saute: High) and it keeps it between batches without any problem.


After letting the IP cool down a little, I browned the veggies, add tomato and capers, cook on Slow Cook: Normal for 15 min, add vinegar and raisins, five more minutes, add dark chocolate and stir til it's blended. Add the toasted pine nuts, chopped basil and eggplant and switch off the heat.





Now it's resting before going in to the fridge, but I'm pretty sure this is gonna be one of the best Caponata I've ever made.

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thanks for that report.


I don't deep-fry any more, not so much health issues, but I don't like to deal with the oil after-use.


lazy I am.  filtering, wasting  etc.


but I might reconsider w the IP   if it kept the temp at a decent frying temp  for small batches of 


calamari ?


Im looking up in the manual trying to find  the " Filter and Store " button., for use after the frying.

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I know, I'm not a big fan of deep-frying at home either.


In this case I just ladle the oil through a strainer into a jar directly from the IP, and left just enough to cook the rest of the ingredients.

Since the oil was only used to fry the eggplant it didn't get any flavour or smell. I'll keep the jar in a closet on top of the stove and I'll be using it to cook. 

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Pork Belly brined for 6 hours, water, salt, sugar and molasses. High pressure for 35 minutes. Dry medium hot cast iron pan to make that fat crispy cracklin goodness. Champ and  brussel spouts. DInner was 4 hours last as my kitchen sink sprung a leak. Emergency diverted dinner a success :



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I do agree re: non-stick pan


if made cheaply


perhaps its not ?


I do like the little basket for steaming , and it can be improved by making it taller, i.e.  1/2 " from the top


but Im guessing that's a bit of $$$  and well   most people  buy by cost


Not Us Here !


we buy by  " Sur la Plate " i.e.  Best Stuff In the End  On the Plate ,  and would there be some time for a Personal Beverage ?


I do really would like Our Friends, North of my Border


at perhaps  Hokey Night  to mention to the IP'ers 


a ref to the good quality SS veg pull out would be nice


Im not joking either


just a bit.

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I hate to interrupt and go back to a place I have no idea where it is now? (seriously I cannot wait to catch up! ) I just wanted to thank the folks who chimed in about rice! I could not ask for more perfect rice to get me safely through kimchi season and right now my kimchi is at its peak so I needed this! WE needed it. Finally whatever I was doing wrong stopped and it is correct now!  

I want to find GR instructions in this thread because in the end…that is exactly what I did so thank you!!! I can suffer a lot in life without a kitchen … but I really miss this rice If I do not have it.  So thanks and Anna the Jasmine came out perfectly as well I just do not eat it as often …calrose I eat every day if I have it

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why am I always at the bottom and why is everything so high? 

why must there be so little me and so much sky?


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I needed some hard boiled eggs last night so I tried again.  This time I followed Anna's instructions to a "T".  The most perfect eggs I've ever made and the shells simply slid off.  I used very fresh eggs from my girl down the road.






I'm writing the instructions down in my IP book so that I'll always have them.


Thank you, Anna!

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I was gifted a SS basket for the IP, from N. of the Border :


IP Basket 1.jpg


here it is empty in the IP


and full of cooked yellow potatoes :


Basket Pot's.jpg


Ill be making some P.S. tonight to go with a BLT


as folks have been saying, the last of the tomatoes.


as I make my PS from cold potatoes I keep in the refirg


Im thinking some curry powder in addition to the usual mayo etc.


Im a fan of Penzey;s various curry powders.

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Well the basket above is very very nice.




I still think the I.P. folks need to get together soon with the E.G crowd


that have a lot in common : N. of the Border Folks


may at Hockey Night in Canada


I think that's tonight ?


if not   Monday to Monday for the next 9 months


just guessing


so that the I.P.Folks and make a similar basket for the IP


but  you know  for the IP


after all


the Crocodiles  Under the Equator  


also know as Breville


are snapping at their heels




the BV will no doubt be at BB&B


with the coupon  ( 20 % off  :biggrin: )


its still going to be $ 50 USD more


they do have  a pretty cute   " basket "


so  get to gether


have a few " beers "


at Hockey Night in Canada.


just saying


avoid any beer labeled  " Strange Brew "


That's the McKenzie Bros.



if you can stand it to then end :


Beer and Hockey

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I am so behind all of you guys in making different things in the IP, but I had to share.  I did potato salad last night.  Eggs came out perfect again and the potatoes OH the potatoes.  I used Russets.  Peeled 3 of them and chopped them up.  Threw them in the IP after the eggs were done.  Did them on steam high pressure for 5 mins and left them in for 5 more before I released.  I was afraid they were too done at first, but after mixing everything else in and letting it chill in the fridge, it was declared the best potato salad I've ever made by Ronnie.



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Ive found w IP potatoes they seem over done when you open the IP, but firm up while cooling to end up 'just right'


I can't say this is really an IP phenomena, but there it is.


try the same salad some time by leaving the skin on and try some red bliss non-peeled too.


creamiest red bliss Ive ever had.  Pressure-Steam leaves more flavor in the potato, less in the water.


and indeed the IP is my Go To method for HBEggs.   I put a cup of water in the IP, use the grate that came with the IP and put at least 1/2 doz


on that rack and the method of AnnaN.


perfect every time.

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But it's a non stick pan - a negative deal breaker in my books!

Mine too ... but I wonder if the IP stainless pot would fit in that cooker. Both seem a similar shape and they are both 6 litres. If so, I might order one eventually to supplement (not replace, unless it was ready for retirement) my IP and get an extra IP pot to use in it if the makers had not, at that time, begun to supply it with an SS pan, at least as an option. I never imagined I ever would be, but I am now so very hooked on this type of appliance that I can see having 2 on the counter.

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I don't see a quality non-stick pan as a deal breaker if other features make a big difference to you.


I have a National ( Panasonic ) 10-cup fuzzy rice maker for over 15 years  may be more.  its non stick and is running strong


I do take care of it w silicone for string around and a clean non-abrasive pad for cleaning.


as the IP's are 'steamy' I can't see food sticking after a Cook.  even a sauté first as you then add liquid.


the SS in the IP is a heavy gauge quality pot.


Id be very careful on reto-fitting these pots :


the business end is the bottom and has to b e engineered carefully to conduct heat from the electric bottom

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I have not had a 'sticking problem' yet with the IP SS insert (with the possible exception of during one of my rice experiments - but that was easily solved by soaking for a few minutes). That begs the question, rotuts - why would one need a non-stick surface at all in one of these cookers, if stuff is 'steamy'/moist and never sticks anyway?

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