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and we're very glad to have found this place via a twitter connection.


had a little mooch (scout around) and there's a lot to sink our teeth into!


I'm the co-owner of an ice merchant over here in NW england, so the cocktail threads will be a definite go-to. interesting to see that the Negroni thread, the drink du jour in many of Mcr's bars, was started waaay back in 2004. 


We (i) have an ulterior motive for registering, the Mixology Monday gang use egullet if one does not have a blog for entries/submissions, so we'll be posting on the cocktail thread pretty soon. Hey we've kicked the idea of a biz blog around, but staying on top of our twitter and instagram (and harvesting ice, and making sashimi serves, and driving vans around, and chasing receivables + random stuff) keeps me pretty busy. chief cook and bottle washer, best way to be  :blink:


There's clearly many ppl here with a deep love/knowledge of food and drink, so i'll be getting all the tips i can, and hope to add my tuppen'eth, when the opportunity allows.


Thanks guys!

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let's drink to the new moon's sliver, and drink to the middle of the night, and drink to good Murena, with three glasses, or with nine - Horace

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