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Provincetown, the "Outer Cape," and Wellfleet Too


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as you motor down to The Cape


at The Bridge


turn R rather L


rather than being 


' on the Arm '


geo cape talk


consider above the elbow


all the way (almost )


to the shoulder :




the red thing-ey


just was there 


not the Spot


WH  night be


good Luck

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no idea .  it just showed up when I looked for CapeCod map.


on further magnification :




I just think google put a red thing-ey in the middle of cape cod.


max mag :



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On 10/11/2021 at 10:02 AM, liamsaunt said:


Great view!


Please share where you eat.  I am looking for some new ideas.  

I’ll try - eating a lot of oysters.  We did take out one night from Mac’s and just got steamed lobsters, which were good.


And we ate at Northeast Beer Garden one night; excellent beers, cocktails, and the food is okay too.  Last night, on their last night of the season, we went to a party at Terra Luna in Truro.  Supposed to be good during their regular season.




Sunrise today, with two lighthouses in the distance.




Sunset at the moors, last night.

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Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

Tasty Travails - My Blog

My eGullet FoodBog - A Tale of Two Boroughs

Was it you baby...or just a Brilliant Disguise?

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On 10/9/2021 at 5:35 PM, weinoo said:

Checking in and it makes it worth spending 6 1/2 hours in the car…

And what a gorgeous week as I can tell so far...NorthEast

We took a nervous road trip a few months ago pre-delta but all vaccinated to visit my parents 93 and 92 yrs. Rented a beach house near them. (EasternShore) Delaware coast where I grew up. A few road trips since to the Catskills were equally pleasant. 

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@liamsaunt - we ate at, or took food from, a few other places.


Sal's Place on Commercial Street, in the West End of town - beautiful setting, outdoor tables on their deck, and on the beach if tide is out!  Good enough Italian food.

The baccala mantecato and meatballs were my favorite apps...




This dive, called John's Foot Long, on MacMillan Pier - we ordered some stuff and walked out the pier and sat, ate, and looked at boats - they have an outdoor deck as well.




It wasn't at all this crowded. The fried clams were surprisingly good, and my fish "burger" was great. Actually, fried flounder on a burger roll, and nothing wrong with fried flounder when done well. Though we didn't have one, the foot longs are allegedly the best in town.  See how I scared off most of the crowd, except the young women who find me fascinating!




Of course I'll recommend this place, for stuff to take home, to the beach or wherever, since I'm a shill. And how bad could it be, entering into its 9th year?




Here's a gratuitous photo of a dozen happy hour oysters at The red Inn. Happy hour every day - but you'll most likely have to wait until next year, as they are closing  end of the month. Plump, just briny enough, Wellfleets. $1.50 a pop at happy hour.




My one disappointing lobster roll, at Mac's on the pier in Wellfleet...




Too much thinned mayo, and the dreaded lettuce. Lobster itself was good.


And I've been told the best ice cream in town (can't vouch, didn't have any ice cream at all) is here...




I also visited each adult-use cannabis dispensary in town (there are at least 4!), only to see what all the fuss is about. My favorite - b\well.


Until next time.

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Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

Tasty Travails - My Blog

My eGullet FoodBog - A Tale of Two Boroughs

Was it you baby...or just a Brilliant Disguise?

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