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Provincetown, The "Outer Cape" and Wellfleet Too

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On 4/4/2021 at 12:42 PM, liamsaunt said:


Wine pairing, a nice one to celebrate my sister's birthday.




My favorite Champagne. I like it better than a lot of the Tete de Cuvee

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On 4/6/2021 at 10:16 PM, Smithy said:

Beautiful photos, as always, and you really make me miss my times, a lifetime ago, on the New England Coast. But...what I really want is...




...Those Plates. Gorgeous! Do they come with the rental, or do you pack your own?


The plates belong to the rental house.  


We did end up going in to town but did not stay long as there was a bunch of construction going on and none of the workers were wearing masks.  So that's it for town until we are vaccinated.


Last night we got sushi takeout again More yellowtail jalapeño sashimi (this is my favorite)




Rolls.  Back to front stoplight, gon jah mon, rainbow, and Panama red




More rolls.  Left to right, wave, crab rangoon, and hand grenades



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Last post for this trip, we are headed home this afternoon.  Oysters




Swordfish curry




Prosciutto wrapped cod with lobster mashed potatoes and lobster sauce




Fish tacos




See you in June.  One last sunset for the road



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Ive always appreciated and looked forward to your trips.


I used to spend summers in Arizona , dessert areas


so appreciated the evening views


and am continually surprised that Marco Polo


enjoys the great outdoors , and returns for a comfortable 


and safe nap.


thank you again.

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I too love these trips and the seafood and seascapes you show us. Many thanks!

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Nancy Smith, aka "Smithy"
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"Every day should be filled with something delicious, because life is too short not to spoil yourself. " -- Ling (with permission)

"There comes a time in every project when you have to shoot the engineer and start production." -- author unknown

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