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Provincetown, The "Outer Cape" and Wellfleet Too

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On 10/14/2019 at 5:41 PM, JoNorvelleWalker said:


There's your problem.  Last Word is not supposed to have Benedictine.




You are right, and I was wrong.  It was not Benedictine, it was chartreuse.  I guess I just did not like the flavor profile.


Monday we stayed in and I cooked pizza.  Last night we went to Provincetown for dinner at Mews.  There was a cruise ship in town again, but it pulled away shortly after we arrived.  It's Women's Week this week, so I guess that is why it was there.  Overall the town was really quiet.  I think there were about five other tables filled at Mews.


Drinks to start.  Husband's was a cucumber martini and I had a citrus drink.




Bread with olive oil




Nephew ordered a grilled peach, prosciutto and burrata salad




Husband and I split some baked oysters with bacon and jalepeno




And a tempura tuna roll




Nephew had pesto pasta with roasted peppers and grilled sausage.  He was unable to finish and brought the rest home for his lunch today.




I had an almond crusted cod with citrus beurre blanc and roasted vegetables




Husband had butter poached lobster with mushroom risotto




Today's plans are up in the air.  Mac's Shack offers a small Mexican menu on Wednesdays, so we'll check that when it's released at 1PM to see if there is anything on it that my nephew would like.  I'll need to call and make sure it is allergy friendly.  If that does not work out, we might go back to PB Boulangerie.  There is a big storm coming in later today (they are calling it a bombogenesis), so the weather is going to factor in to our plans as well.  



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Well the predicted bombogenesis did indeed come to pass.  We had 90 mph winds here last night.  We lost power at 1AM (it's still out, but the caretaker came over and reset the generator this morning).  The doors off the dining room blew wide open at 3AM.  Luckily we heard it and were able to get them closed again before too much water got inside.  We now have the dining room table wedged against them to keep them closed until the winds die down, which is predicted for about 5PM this evening.  


Before all that craziness, we went to Mac's Shack so my nephew could have some Mexican food.  That's his favorite cuisine, and there are no Mexican restaurants out here (at least that I am aware of).  My husband and I pretty much stuck to the regular menu.  Oysters




Clam chowder




Yellowtail jalapeño 




Cochinita pibil




chicken torta




Carne asada




prosciutto wrapped cod




black and white cake




We have reservations for this evening but are not sure if we will get there are there are lots of wires and trees down and much of the outer Cape has no power. There are lots of leftovers in the fridge if we can't get out.  

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@liamsaunt best of luck making it thru the storm, hope you're soon back to your regular schedule of wonderful meal and beautiful sunsets.

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3 hours ago, curls said:

@liamsaunt best of luck making it thru the storm, hope you're soon back to your regular schedule of wonderful meal and beautiful sunsets.


Thanks!  It is a gorgeous (though cold) day today.  We still do not have power, and it's not expected to be back until 8PM tomorrow, but the generator is going strong.  


We did venture out last night, and had dinner at Blackfish in Truro.  We had to detour a couple of times due to downed lines, but we gave ourselves extra time to get there. The restaurant was completely packed.  I am very glad I made a reservation.


Drinks (cucumber martini and ice and fire)




Frisee salad with panko-coated duck egg




Buttermilk-fried oysters with mignonette




Scallops with parmesan fondue and frico




Nephew and brother in law both opted for the famous tuna bolognese




I chose the roasted chicken with farro verde and roasted carrots.  There was enough food on my plate for three people!  Leftovers reside in the fridge




Husband had the roasted pork chop with chard and potatoes





Cranberry panna cotta




Chocolate tart with salted pretzel crust




We are headed to Provincetown in a bit for a (freezing) beach walk and a late lunch.  Tomorrow: Oysterfest!

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Here is that cruise ship we spotted in Provincetown the other day.  So odd to see this big ship in a tiny town.




Working wharf




We ate lunch at Local 186 in Provincetown yesterday.  Drinks.  Mine is on the left, a vodka-lime-sparkling water thing.  The guys all ordered the one on the right called a Diablo.  It is supposed to be spicy, but this time they put way too many chile peppers in it.  My husband sent his back and had a glass of wine instead.  The other two toughed it out.




Guapo burger (with fried avocado)




Classic burger with cheddar and bacon




Burger with cheddar and truffle aioli.  This was my husband's.  He paid an extra $3 for mixed greens to be added.  He got two tiny pieces of mesculin mix.  The burger was overcooked too.  It was not his day at 186 I guess.




Pulled chicken sliders




Bonus pictures, the Lobster Pot sign.  This is probably the most popular restaurant in Provincetown.  My entire family really dislikes it.  The sign is cool though.




Last night's sunset at Duck Harbor




Heading over to Oysterfest in a bit.  I am not sure how much we will get accomplished today, because Saturday is always really crowded, but we have tickets for tomorrow too, which is always a lot mellower and in my opinion more fun.

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Well, as expected, yesterday's Oysterfest was a bit of a bust.  It was insanely crowded, much more so than in prior years.  Here are a couple of pictures to give you an idea:







We could not get near the main food tent, so as a result, did not eat much.  At one point, the fire chief closed off part of the grounds due to overcrowding.  So, here are our pitiable selections.  Husband was starving so we went to the congregational hall since they usually have some various foods.  This year, it was just cheese or soup.  We went with cheese.  Not excitng but it was my husband's breakfast.




We stood in a long line to get some clam cakes from Harmon's.  These were good






We also went to Hatche's fish market for some oysters baked with spinach and garlic, and some smoked salmon.  Their salmon is excellent.  I went back and got us three more plates of it.






We also managed to acquire a dozen oysters from one of the stands




This truck was selling hot dogs, sausages and lobster rolls.  The line stretched all the way to the street.  We did not wait.




When we could not take the crowds any longer we came back to the house and ate all of the restaurant leftovers we have been acquiring through the week for dinner.  We are heading back to the festival in about half an hour for what should be a more reasonable experience, if things stay true to to prior years.


Here are a couple of scenic shots.  Waves at Race Point beach.




Last night's sunset



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Final installment.  Oysterfest day two was still pretty crowded, but more manageable.  None of us were starving so we just shared a few things.  Sea dog (fried lobster tail)




Oyster stew




Fried oysters




More smoked salmon




Conch fritters




To drink, a local rose in a can.  We were not driving!




The shuck off was a lot of fun as usual, and local favorite Calen won again




After the shuck off there was live music and dancing.  Fun




That's a wrap for 2019.  A couple of scenic shots from our hike this morning before driving home






See you next year!

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As always, I greatly enjoyed the trip. Though the thought of a deep fried lobster tail is kinda blasphemous, I think....

Don't ask. Eat it.


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