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Mediterranean side dips / simple fingerfood

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im currently looking for some kind of dip sauce or a small fast a la carte finger food to side some types of bruscetta


bruschetta caprese with rucola/rocket

brusschetta sauted mushrooms with rocket

bruschetta carpaccio 


till now we've been using a simple one with sticks of carrot celery and cucumber and chef asked to change this with something new but without the use of any kind of fish product egg product or milk product,which pretty much leaves the vegetables option.


any ideas?


thank you in advance

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bagna cauda?

marinated artichokes?


I bet the chef is also dealing with a 'budget' issue too - and so you may be right .. back to the carrot/celery/cucumber sticks. You could add or replace with radishes and butter maybe I suppose - but butter is a dairy product and I am not sure how bruschetta and radishes would mix.

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budget is not really an issue as the owner spares no expense on product,

marinated artichoke i thought also maybe with a touch of pepperoncino?


a sauce of tomato mint basilico black pepper and a celery stick? kinda bloody mary thing without the alcohol would be a nice idea?

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Are fava beans in season where you live?

-- Fava bean spread of pureed favas, lemon, olive oil



-- Roasted bell peppers, different colors if you can get them, cut into small matchstick (or whatever), dressed with olive oil


I've tried this herb jam from Paula Wolfert, also one of her versions of tomato jam (though not this one). I liked the herb jam more than the reviewers did.


http://www.brightonyourhealth.com/moroccan-tomato-jam-with-sesame-seeds/ (keep scrolling)


Try going with some marinated sun-dried tomatoes if the fresh tomatoes don't seem quite ripe. It's still early in tomato season around here. This recipe:




The best greens spread I've ever eaten was from an Indian chef. I suggest you make it and say it's Mediterranean. :wink: 
Posted on EGullet here, post #6:

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