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[How] Do You Garnish Your Hot Dog?

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5 hours ago, Katie Meadow said:

Okay, so I eat a hot dog maybe twice a year. Or less. But I had a craving. One thing I usually find disappointing is the buns that are available. But we had a desperation day and I just couldn't face making a major shopping list.  In the fridge were a few leftover flour tortillas and half a cabbage. So, we bought some dogs. Maybe you could call this a Mexican hot dog without the bacon. Or you could call it a ball park burrito. I made a slaw flavored with mustard and a little creme fraiche (my idea of crema if I don't have the real thing) and some home made pickled jalapenos, cilantro, lime, etc. The dogs were grilled outside, the tortillas heated on the comal.  Maybe I was just very hungry, but it was surprisingly good. Mine had a very generous amount of slaw. I can certainly see throwing a slice of crisp bacon in the mix.


I grew up with the NY standard: mustard, sauerkraut and best of all a papaya drink from Papaya King. Papayas are easy to come by, and it has to be a snap to make some kind of drink in my Ninja bullet to approximate the King, so perhaps hot dogs will be in my nearer future. Despite the draw of PK I suspect flying to NY these days on a whim is not likely.

I am no purist.  That sounds delicious!  Love mustardy slaw with BBQ, never thought to do it with hot dogs - perfect!  

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7 hours ago, MetsFan5 said:

Just mustard. Mainly at Mets games back in the day, now the food available at Citifield is bougie. 

  But yea just with a nice mustard. It’s a hotdog. 

But there are still hot dogs available!


Even kosher ones, for those so inclined.

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