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Dinner 2015 (Part 3)

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I recently tried to fancy up some steak - I cooked a cheap (but well marbled) piece of chuck steak for 72 hours at 131 F. I took the bag juices, reduced with some red wine, shallots, garlic, and thyme and butter to make a sauce. I stir fried some broccoli in the sauce, and served it with some watercress puree (blanched watercress, salt, ascorbic acid, and xanthan gum).


I also made a sort of thick blue cheese cream gel via melting some blue cheese in cream, then adding iota carageenan to set it to a solid gel. Then, it was blended to make a fluid gel - I was rather happy with how it turned out, it had a thick custardy mouthfeel, but tasted strongly like blue cheese.



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We started with a salad, based on what I bought at today's farm market. I forgot to get a sweet onion, that would have been a nice addition. I made a basic balsamic vinaigrette and added a bit of fresh basil as well (not shown). Simple classic spinach and strawberry salad with some local hazelnuts. 





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I wish I took a picture! NY strip steaks from Whole Paycheck- but my husband just bought a large big green egg and a millions accessories, since he did tours in Europe when he lived there he's a bit of an expert, the pup and I just say back and dozed off. Although the pup got her first taste of steak and went crazy., she is so our dog.

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Paul--I guess I'm not a purist because that crab sandwich had me staring for a good three minutes.  


Anna--You're right.  No words were needed to describe that lovely meal.  You just can't beat soft eggs and asparagus.


Faux Pas--That looks like delicious spring on a plate!


MM--That paella looks so good.....monkfish is one of my favorites.



Septic tank problems again.  *pulling hair out*  So, in between obsessing and begging a company to come out here, crawfish were obtained from the Asian market.


A particularly mean group.  They were very aggressive lol.


photo 1.JPG



photo 2.JPG


photo 4.JPG


Strawberries for dessert.  The three on top with the stems still attached are from my garden.  We've had a grand total of five.  They sure are good, though.


photo 3.JPG

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Thanks, Ann_T. Have finally found the lard. I now need time to make ordinary flour tortillas for me and gluten-free flour tortillas for someone else. Too many projects -- not enough hours. Yours look amazingly good.

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Anna Nielsen aka "Anna N"

...I just let people know about something I made for supper that they might enjoy, too. That's all it is. (Nigel Slater)

"Cooking is about doing the best with what you have . . . and succeeding." John Thorne

Our 2012 (Kerry Beal and me) Blog

My 2004 eG Blog

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this is a standard Soup Dinner I make often :




these are frozen dumplings from the ChinaMart, in this case pork and shrimp.  these are the denser version, that need to be cooked in stock


rather than just micro'd.  fantastic in stock.  My stock of choice is Mimor's Roast Chicken concentrate.  lower in salt.  I use an amount in


a given vol. of water to get to the 'salt point', add the dumplings  and simmer for a few minutes until tender.


Small dark green BokChoi also from the same market.  this takes a few seconds. then a lot of coarsely ground ginger from the Fz, off the heat.  sometimes


a few drops of chili oil.

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TJ's refrigerated tamales  ( not the Fz ).  I stocked up w quite a few before Christmas, green chicken and red pork.  they come 6/pack and are cryovac'd


you can get better if you live in the TamaleBelt, and have a local whole in the wall.  I don't.


this is the plate stage one.  looks fairly awful at this point :


TamaleBeans 1.jpg


one can of TJ's refried black beans, a good deal of Tj's Jack cheese, and some HEB  green chili sauce my sister sends me.  its generic


and costs about 89 cents.  they only carry mild, so I add the can to my Breville blender, with several green thai bird chili ( fresh ) to get the heat


I like.  some cornstarch to thicken, micro in a pyrex measuring jar w a small pyrex bowl for a 'lid'  micro until hot and thickened 


this goes over the dish and then its micro'd.  a little propane torch for color, then the fresh stuff :




the green central pile is cilantro, green onion, and red diced onion.   the tomato is from a green house, so-so,  but OK here.


no M.R.  Ice cole Beer  ( very cold beer w added ice !   :huh: )


sticks to your ribs it does.


TJ's seems to be stocking these now 'all the time'  at least now, and where I shop.

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another very quick dinner :




Im a fan of ground turkey.  this is the 93 % lean stuff.  love it.   here is an unshaped 'slice' directly from the package.  minimal handling 


w some Madras Curry ( :huh: ) powder on both the top and bottom.  sauté in a hot pan until rare.  note the jus. dare devil I am.


avocado w TJ's greek feta salad dressing and some green onions


fast, delicious !


BTW  those are not 'grill marks'  but the texture of the meat 'as is' directly from the styro tray the stuff comes in.

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a few times year I cook with friends, this weekends production:

mintscone, peacream, sprouts, deer ham. balsamico pearls


Asparagus tart  on cedri, marinated asparagus, orange infused asparagus


hay soup, trout dumplings, trout tartar


quail with cream of young garlic, pickled rhubarb


deer, baked in speck, young cabbage and a dough with beech sawdust, carrots, caramelized with dandelion syrup, brioche dumpling, fir syrup


chocolate leafes, sorbet of young fig leafes, pepper/blossom glass, strawberry ragout, strawberry marshmallow, strawberry  jelly, rosemarysand







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Oh know !


sooo tasty looking


but .....


 deer ham


hay soup


deer, baked in speck


 dough with beech sawdust


fir syrup


sooo new to me


tasty Id bet


'hay' seems popular now



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Love Sundays to Create:  My rif  on a Carbonara  dish


Dinner for my SON


So.here is the BASICs

Prosciutto cups-- baked 15 mins@375. Cool

Sous Vide egg-- 63C/1 hr

Pasta-- Latini die extruded pasta..linguini

Sauce- green garlic/creme/parm





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Its good to have Morels

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Chicken and beans.


Brined the bird with 5% salt and 3% sugar, applied the rub and left it in the fridge on a rack loosely covered with cheesecloth overnight. Smoked with cherry wood at 250 F to 160 F internal temp. The beans are white beans with tomato sauce, mustard, vinegar, brown sugar, Worcestershire, pork rub and a mixture of diced bacon, onion and garlic sautéed together. I mixed in a diced pork tenderloin that I rubbed (same rub I mixed into the beans) and smoked to 140 F yesterday and tossed them in the smoker with the chicken. Potato salad (not pictured) completed the meal.

Edit: left out some of the bean ingredients.


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It's kinda like wrestling a gorilla... you don't stop when you're tired, you stop when the gorilla is tired.

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Love Sundays to Create:  My rif  on a Carbonara  dish


Wow, looks so beautiful and so tasty - I bet your son loved it! 


We started with a really simple cucumber and radish salad. Persian cukes in a simple vinaigrette dressing and then radishes added, with a bit of feta cheese and fresh parsley. 




Then we had fresh local halibut - done Veracruz style! Black olives instead of green. Not sure you can even see the halibut in these pics, which is a shame. It was a fine piece of fish and very tasty. 





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Earlier – Deep-fried barely battered baby zucchini w/ flowers, plus broccoli florets.






Later – "Kam Heong" Clams.  Loosely after this recipe.  More liquid (mainly water) was also added for more sauce.  White rice. 






On the way there.


Salted taucheo, crushed w/ a spoon.  Madras curry paste slurried w/ the soaking water for the har mai; more of the water was added after the photo was taken.

Minced garlic, minced ginger, roughly diced shallots, sliced Thai-type hot green chillies, minced pre-soaked har mai (dried de-shelled shrimp), curry leaves (Murraya koenigii)(கறிவேப்பிலை).

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A three and a half lb whole paycheck chicken done on the BGE, beer can style. A can of Sam Summer Ale, lemons and the BGE chicken seasoning which I tasted and liked before it was rubbed down. Such fun in torrential down pours that even the dog was disinterested (I definitely gave her three bites of left over steak for being so calm while we ate) juicy chicken and good corn- I was shocked that my husband found good corn. Tons of mosquito bites and two changes of clothes thanks to the rain, but dinner was awesome

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I'm getting used to pinkish sous vide pork.  Sage leaves from my garden.  Twice cooked sous vide mashed potatoes (220 g potato, actually).  I've probably had better mashed potato but not recently.  Thirty second haricots verts.  Methode Rotuts ad libitum...but not the funny MR this time.  Hehe.

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