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Washington State Help

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One of my dearest friends has just moved from China to Washington State. She is living in Spanaway, but working in Seattle.

She has never been out of China before and is a bit homesick, but she tells me her biggest problem is finding the food she wants to cook and eat.

If any of you know of Chinese/Asian markets in either location I will be eternally grateful as shall she as I pass your information on.

Thank you.


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There is a 99 Ranch market at the Great Wall Mall in Kent and a few H-Marts around - Seattle, Lynnwood, Federal way, and Tacoma.  Uwajimaya is also a good Asian grocery, though maybe more Japanese than Chinese.  If your friend works in Downtown Seattle, she should definitely check out the International District, and little Saigon, there is Uwajimaya at one end and Viet wah at the other, along with several produce stands around 12th Ave S and S Jackson.

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Here's some listed on Yelp with reviews.  And here's the same for Tacoma, which is closer to Spanaway than Seattle,  http://www.yelp.ca/search?find_desc=Asian+Grocery+Stores&find_loc=Tacoma%2C+WA


Well, that was odd.  The Seattle listings disappeared.  Here they are again http://www.yelp.ca/search?find_desc=Asian+Supermarket&find_loc=Seattle%2C+WA

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I think that I've visited almost every Asian market within 30 miles of Seattle since I moved here last year (though I don't ever get as far south as Spanaway). Unfortunately, none measure up to what I was accustomed to shopping in Chinatown in New York but one can make do. I've briefly summarized my impressions below:


H-Mart (Federal Way and Lynnwood)

I find the H-Marts to be the best overall. They are Korean markets but carry most of the Chinese necessities.  I find their meat and fish selection to be the best, and the produce section to be among the best. The only drawback for me is the distance to Seattle, which is quite a hike to repeat on a regular basis. However, the Federal Way location might be good for your friend. There is a brand new location that just opened in Bellevue but I find it too small to be really useful.


Uwijimaya (Seattle, Renton, and Bellevue)

The Uwijimaya markets are much more conveniently located to much of the population and are quite nice stores. They do have a distinct Japanese focus. I find the produce quality to be the best of the Asian markets, meat to be average, and fish to be above average. However, I find the prices relatively high as Asian markets go.


Asian Food Center (Bellevue - North Seattle Coming Soon)

There is small market in Bellevue called Asian Food Center that I really like for certain items. Their fish counter is quite good (they almost always have one or two really fresh nice looking options) and the produce section is also pretty strong (it is the only place I can ever find snow pea leaves). However, the small size limits the selection somewhat. There is a brand new, much larger location opening soon on Aurora in north Seattle, which I am really looking forward to.


Ranch 99 (Renton and North Seattle)

Solid if unexciting Chinese markets. Probably a fair place to shop to check everything off the list but I don't find the quality of the meat, fish, or produce to be very compelling.


International District (Seattle)

There are several smaller Chinese and Vietnamese markets located in the international district (the Seattle Uwijimaya also located here). Unfortunately, I can't recommend any of them. In fact, it might make your friend cry to think that these were her only options (it almost had me in tears). It is very unfortunate, as they are conveniently located and one would have hoped that the Asian district of the city would support some better markets.



There are two other reasonably sized markets in the closer-in areas that I've not yet managed to try. One is Jing Jing in Bellevue and the other is Oaktree Market in North Seattle. Both are Chinese markets and may be ok, though I haven't heard especially strong reviews of either.



I would be happy to pass along any other tips from my time here. Feel free to send me a PM.



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has she found everything she needs …because there are an endless supply of Asian food markets in Tacoma and the Spanaway neighborhood you can get most of what you need in the local grocers ..tell her to check out Waynes Mkt on Portland …the SE Asia Mkt and Hong Kong Mkts on 38th not to mention Paldo and yes the Hmart in Tacoma there is not a meal you can make you can not find the ingredients for with in 10 miles of Spanaway ..I promise you do not have to drive north or south just turn around and flip a coin! 

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