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Recs for newer "modern cooking" chef's cookbooks


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57 minutes ago, oferl said:

El Celler i really want for a long time, price indeed low on this edition


Price is really low, I paid almost 100 euro for the first edition. I just checked, my first edition is 32.5 x 23.7 cm while this reissue is 25.1 x 18 cm. So it's quite smaller. Number of pages and thickness are the same. First edition had printed colors out of balance, raw paper, was pretty difficult to open, so I'm regretting having bought it immediately.


1 hour ago, oferl said:

I have Manresa, Peter Gilmore's books and Marque, really like the last one and didn't look enough into the others


I strongly suggest to read Manresa, it's one of the few cases where written words can transmit the chef's passion.


1 hour ago, oferl said:

Wish i could find Origin 

by Ben Shwery at a decent price but unfortunately didn't pull the triger yers ago when it was pretty cheap


I suppose the first edition sold out and this book is in the limbo between the first and second edition. At least I hope so, it's such a good book that it would be a shame if it went out of print so soon. Something similar happened to Marque, it went out of print for a brief time, then the second edition appeared (with a different cover).


1 hour ago, oferl said:

so i think i will order Roca's and Coi book as a start


That's the best way to go!


I heard good opinions on Octaphilosophy, Benu by Corey Lee, Sola by Hiroki Yoshitake, Borago... In the past years there were a good amount of interesting French books (French language) and Spanish ones (by Montagud, bilingual Spanish and English), but I haven't seen any of them so can't comment. I don't have any more space for books until I'll renovate a couple of rooms. There is also the Compartir book by the people who were behind elBulli, the  Moto book is coming out... way too many books in the past 5 years.







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It's me again, on the look for Chef's books 🙂 Haven't seen much mentioned on this topic on this board in past year, would be glad to get again 

good ideas to consider.. 

Have purchased and started reading lately those three :
Christophe Pelé, Le Clarence: Le livre de cuisine - In French so the translator works extra hours, very well made, eye candy for sure, culinary content a bit on the "classy simpler" side but really liked it overall

Atrio - Spanish and English, still "digesting" this one, a bit of a disappointment i have to say, as the introductions/conversations/mood photos seem to me as suppressing the place of the culinary content, need to read more into it

Atelier by Marc Lepin - Nice overall, not the greatest in it's genre but a very nice effort in a good price level..


Would be happy to read about your latest acquisitions and recommendetations, thanks 🙂  



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Here are some titles that may be of interest:

Andoni Luis Aduriz - Mugaritz. Puntos de fuga
Juan Mari + Elena    Arzak - Arzak + Arzak
Jérôme Banctel - Jérôme Banctel : La Réserve Paris
Jeremy Charles - Wildness: An Ode to Newfoundland and Labrador
Bart De Pooter - Biotope: Pastorale
Klaus Erfort - Drei Sterne
Alexandre Gauthier - Alexandre Gauthier, Cuisinier
Paolo Griffa - Petit Royal
Willem Hiele - Sea Fire / Zeevuur
Daniel Humm - Eleven Madison Park: The Next Chapter, Revised and Unlimited Edition
Kei Kobayashi - Kei 2
Paco Morales - Noor
Josh Niland - The Whole Fish Cookbook: New Ways to Cook, Eat and Think
Nathan Outlaw - Restaurant Nathan Outlaw
Karen Torosyan - Secrets et techniques d'un cuisinier orfèvre
David Toutain - David Toutain
Edwin Menue - Cuines, 33
Heiko Nieder - The Restaurant
Ana Ros - Sun and Rain
Blaine Wetzel - Lummi: Island Cooking

I haven't seen any, so can't comment.






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Thank you very much Teonzo, your lists are always amazing ! I followed several of the books you mentioned hoping to catch them possibly used at better price points but no success, 

really wanted Kei II and price now in 3 digits land so i will pass, also Jerome Banctel hoping to "fish" sometime.. On others i will try to find some more info, many modern books 

concentrate nowdays on the "foraging chefs" which is not exactly the book style i'm looking for.. Last option Lummi looks like an interesting book to consider, thank you again 

for all those lists and knowledge you share..   

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Sorry to bump a thread that is dead but for those that own…would people recommend buying wd~50 ? I’m guessing I should snag modernist cooking at home or whatever it’s called first but something about Wylie appeals to me more on the surface. 

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