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Recs for newer "modern cooking" chef's cookbooks

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57 minutes ago, oferl said:

El Celler i really want for a long time, price indeed low on this edition


Price is really low, I paid almost 100 euro for the first edition. I just checked, my first edition is 32.5 x 23.7 cm while this reissue is 25.1 x 18 cm. So it's quite smaller. Number of pages and thickness are the same. First edition had printed colors out of balance, raw paper, was pretty difficult to open, so I'm regretting having bought it immediately.


1 hour ago, oferl said:

I have Manresa, Peter Gilmore's books and Marque, really like the last one and didn't look enough into the others


I strongly suggest to read Manresa, it's one of the few cases where written words can transmit the chef's passion.


1 hour ago, oferl said:

Wish i could find Origin 

by Ben Shwery at a decent price but unfortunately didn't pull the triger yers ago when it was pretty cheap


I suppose the first edition sold out and this book is in the limbo between the first and second edition. At least I hope so, it's such a good book that it would be a shame if it went out of print so soon. Something similar happened to Marque, it went out of print for a brief time, then the second edition appeared (with a different cover).


1 hour ago, oferl said:

so i think i will order Roca's and Coi book as a start


That's the best way to go!


I heard good opinions on Octaphilosophy, Benu by Corey Lee, Sola by Hiroki Yoshitake, Borago... In the past years there were a good amount of interesting French books (French language) and Spanish ones (by Montagud, bilingual Spanish and English), but I haven't seen any of them so can't comment. I don't have any more space for books until I'll renovate a couple of rooms. There is also the Compartir book by the people who were behind elBulli, the  Moto book is coming out... way too many books in the past 5 years.






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