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Getting a ganache-like texture with an olive-caramel mixture


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I have blitzed 200gr of taggiasca olives, drained of oil, with some water, just enough to form a smooth puree. Separately, I have made dark dry caramel, which I have then mixed with the olive pure. The resulting liquid is super tasty, the consistency of thick coulis.

I want to turn this into ganache, without adding too much sugar to it. What would you suggest?


Things I thought of, not tested yet:

- fluid gel with 0.7% by weight of low acyl gelan

- mix of white chocolate and gelatin

- add some cream (how much??) and cook down the resulting liquid slowly until it is thick

- use cocoa butter or butter in addition to white chocolate


What would you suggest? If you have working recipes, even better


I have just about any modernist ingredient. I want to use the ganache for macarons


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If you want to make an actual ganache, which by definition involves chocolate, going with one of the white chocolate options seems the way to go, although personally, I'd prefer dark, barely sweetened chocolate with olives. I don't think any of the gels (maybe agar?) would contribute to a ganache-like texture. Might want to consider a small proprotion of almond butter, or something similar.

Michaela, aka "Mjx"
Manager, eG Forums

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I have answered my own question so I thought I'd share.


Basically, I calculated the cacao butter % of a ganache that I normally make, with white chocolate and raspberry puree. Then I weighed my olive caramel, and using a blender, emulsified in it melted cacao butter that would bring it to the same cacao butter content as my ganache has. Worked like a charm

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