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YouTube Chefs, What makes YOU stop watching?

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I subscribe to 30 YouTube Chefs... I faithfully check each day for new content, as I enjoy the majority of them.I have watched some from the beginning of their careers and I have watched all their videos... BUT, recently there are at least 3 of them that I am seriously thinking of unsubscribing from.

I am not going to name them, because that would be rude, but I will describe the reasons I want to stop watching.

Maybe this post will help future YouTube Chefs critique themselves...

1) Look, I agree, you are a really good cook. I love your recipes. However, its obvious that your husband is pushing you to do this and making you force a smile after each thing you do on camera. and hold un-natural eye contact with the camera... Please stop, its annoying and a turn off Just be natural!...and when you take a bite of the food you just made, just take a tiny bite and chew with your mouth closed, the huge bites you take and struggle to chew and swallow on cam really is unappetizing...

2) You make some of the most gorgeous videos and food Ive seen on YouTube It is what drew me to you to subscribe from the beginning. You have a lot of skills. BUT I want to see some original and new recipes, not the same stuff already out there. I mean your one Jello recipe was word for word and play by play from a recipe by  someone you subscribe to fer gods sakes! You make some food that isnt named correctly and your narrative about the whole recipe is sometimes wholly incorrect. Your audience and subscribers are mostly Americans please stop featuring American food, we all have cookbooks here that we can look those recipes up in or ask our Grandma for...This is the reason I never recommend your channel to anyone, you are inauthentic.

3) I liked your channel at first, you were perky and your videos were slick and very put together but OMG when you told us you dont have a nutritionist or dietician license, nor any college degree in Physical fitness, it took me aback! It is off putting to see your lack of answers to people who come to you for your diet and fitness advice but whats also off putting is that all your "diet" recipes are exact clones of each other.Same ingredients in every one. Lets have some VARIETY!  Look my sister was in college to become a dietician, and so thru her I do have some solid diet info and I posted on your comments section a few times and you deleted both my posts. You dont have any expertise or education so you should accept peoples help when you cannot answer questions correctly. Your body is bangin' but please do something with your hair it is distracting.


Okay those are my beefs....However I will call one YouTube Chef out....Im calling you out by name Joy Buasi of Joy's Thai Food!

Joy your food and YOU are fabulous. Ive made a lot of your recipes and you are a natural and your baby is adorable. However your fans and your hubby want you to make more recipes for youtube and Im tired of waiting! Its been 1 year since we got a new food video! You have the whole package, you need to go for it!


I have other pointers:


1) Please stop doing Kracie Popin Cookin/Happy Kitchen kit videos... The only one people go to for these Japanese DIY snack kits is RRCherryPie Group. The only reason you make your own videos is you want hits and ad revenue, but no one does those kits better than RRCherryPie Group...The worst are the Americans who make rude bigoted comments about Japanese culture during the making of the kits...STOP.


2) Mute the sound when you are using noisy kitchen equipment and/or edit it all out. Do not upload a video showing the blender running for the entire 10 minutes, aint nobody got time for that (Sweet Brown said so)


3) I get that your cousin just got out of computer graphics school and your mom told you to ask him to make you your intro lead in for your videos but OMG speak up! Keep it short and simple! Ive seen a lead in video that was 2 MINUTES LONG! TL;DW (Too Long;Didnt Watch!)


4) Have all the ingredients chopped, premeasured and set on a tray before you start the recipe, unless you are Maangchi and half the fun of watching Maangchi is her fast, gorgeously effortless chopping technique...Or Chef from Cooking With Dog's unique way of shredding Burdock ...Essentially unless you can entertain or instruct us on knife skills we already know how to slice and dice, we wanna learn to cook your food.


5) Turn the TV off in the background, If I can hear that Luke Spencer is still locked in that damn basement on General Hospital and I cant hear you, you need to turn it off.


6) DO list the ingredients and measurements in the description box (or on a website somewhere) and make sure they match the actual video. Dont tell people "Text Recipe coming soon" and its 3 years and we are still waiting.


7) Pay attention to and remove any embarrassing items from the "Video Set" no one wants to see a red stained towel hanging on the faucet or zooming in on the steak and inadvertently spotting your Prescription Bottle for incontinence nearby on the counter...


8) Make sure your kids actually LIKE the recipe you are asking them to "taste test" on video before you film them putting it in their mouths and grimacing. Who wants to eat that after seeing the kids hating it but still giving it a forced thumbs up?


9) Write out a script before the filming so you will be more relaxed. Even talk show hosts need things written on Blue Cards...Dome be ashamed. And have some planned banter or a story or history of the recipe built in. Dead Air sucks.


10) Please STOP with the over acting and dumb facial expressions and annoying voices (Think how annoying "the Voice" was on that Seinfeld episode!


Well, Im stepping off my soap box and Im hoping this post is okay and I dont sound like a over complainer or a bitch, but I felt it needed saying and so I put it all out there.



What makes YOU stop watching a YouTube Chef? What do they do that drives you nuts and turns YOU off?

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Wawa Sizzli FTW!

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I can't stand it when they have their own 'action' word that they continually use



That really kicks it up a knotch!

Shaky shaky, wakey wakey


Obviously they want their own shtick so that they stand out, but it grates on my nerves

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Horrible music or any music played horribly loud.


Having to watch a video before getting access to the recipe.  Let me read the ingredient list and I'll know whether I want to spend time watchin

A short description up front would help, i.e., "Today I'm making a Pavlova for dessert-- a huge marshmallow-y meringue filled with whipped cream, fresh fruits and  liqueur."


Narrative delivered in English, but with a nearly indecipherable accent.


And who are you and what's your claim to cooking knowledge?

Ruth Dondanville aka "ruthcooks"

“Are you making a statement, or are you making dinner?” Mario Batali

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Okay I feel like updating this post...


Not much has changed since I originally posted this.


I still am subscribed to #1 and #2 but I am completely still annoyed with #3 and have unsubscribed. I just looked in on her yesterday and even though her videos are still sleek and gorgeously produced, and she ditched the glasses and tamed her hair, her content and advice still sucks (subbing cream cheese for heavy cream doesnt save any calories or fat). So I will remain unsubbed.


I have about 8 new critiques though.


1) If you dont have 100% FRESH vegetables or fruit on the day you film your recipe, do not use it. When your fruits and veggies are brown and bruised and obviously ROTTEN, wait until the day you have a fresh gorgeous piece. Nothing makes you and your recipe look unappetizing than to actually go through with an entire recipe on cam using visibly rotten food! The whole time your viewers watch it they will be thinking of the fact that it is completely inedible and will taste "off".


2) If your entire channel is made from recipes out of books and magazines and your channel is MONETIZED, shame on you! You are a plagiarist and are making money off of other peoples work and you should be shut down. If you cant put out original content then why have a channel at all, find something else to do.


3) You are on the internet! The internet has TROLLS and people who will hate you and harrass you. Grow a thick skin and/or dont allow comments on your channel at all. RRCherryPie? Your channel used to be fantastic, but now all you do is put up videos responding to haters.Stop feeding the haters.


4) Locking yourself into posting 2 videos a week or on specific days pressures you into putting out cut rate videos. Do we really need anymore Zebra Cakes or Crayon Cakes? NO! Quality over Quantity any day is better.


5) Can someone please help Cosas De Loli get English Subtitles on her fabulous channel? Show her some love.Shes got the IT factor. https://www.youtube.com/user/Cosasdeloli


6) I am getting increasingly frustrated with YouTube Cooks who misname things, talk about ingredients and the history of foods in a manner that shows that they clearly have no clue what they are talking about. Like these people who are calling those things Hoverboards, when clearly they have wheels that are making contact with the ground and do not hover. Oh and dont get me started on YouTubers who use the wrong utensils (you cannot flip pancakes with a whisk!)


7) Please stop with the Food Challenges!  I dont wanna see you hold something super sour in your mouth or see how much hot sauce you can take. Its childish


8) Oreo anything has been done to death...move on...

Wawa Sizzli FTW!

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I just wanted to do a really quick update.


Number One's US hubby made her move back to India and in my opinion, he made her get new teeth, boobs, facial surgery and hair and has coached her repeatedly to act better on camera. I think HE wants the YouTube bux. I feel sorry for her. Plus now that they are back in India you cant understand her very well.

Wawa Sizzli FTW!

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