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Dinner 2015 (Part 1)

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螞蟻上樹. (Ants Climbing a Tree)  Made with the requisite cellophane noodles (a.k.a. glass noodles a.k.a. mung bean noodles) traditionally specified for this dish.

Ground pork marinated w/ double-fermented soy sauce, Shaohsing wine, Yuojia laodouban (友加老豆瓣), corn starch. Hot peanut oil in pan, chopped garlic, julienned ginger; the pork mince mix; stir-fry, then chopped scallions; chicken stock w/ some rock sugar dissolved in it; cellophane noodles (presoaked in hot water).  Toss well.  Dress w/ more chopped scallions.



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I planned to eat them on Sunday, so I soaked them on Saturday. Saturday evening I was not hungry at all, so I skipped dinner. Sunday had to have Saturdays preps and the lentils were still soaked. I finished them yesterday, but did not want lentils, anyone else changing dinner plans as I do?


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Oh my, I would choose that as my last meal before being hung or put before the firing squad.  I have yet to make a decent chilie relleno after years of trying.  Do you drop some batter in the skillet, and set chilie on top and then add more batter to cover?  So far that has worked the best for me.  That is a beautiful meal!

IowaDee,  No, I dip the stuffed peppers into the batter and then into the hot oil.   If they need a little more batter I will spoon some on top before turning.   These were fresh poblanos that I roasted on the grill.

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Huiray, I wish I could cook like you. Your meals are always so appealing.

Last night's dinner.


Chile Rellenos.

Agreed. Huiray just keeps churning out these amazing dishes day after day, morning, noon and night

Ann_T, you're an amazing cook as well.

You are both very inspiring

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I love that everyone's making ants climbing a tree.


New approach (for me) to chili. Browned large pieces of chuck, let them cool, then cut them up into much larger cubes - about an inch all around. Browned only half the ground beef. Went for puree on the chiles rather than powder - about 70% anchos, the rest a mix of cascabels, pasilla, costeños and chiles de arbol. Simmered them in chicken stock then into the blender. Deglazed the browning pan with some seriously gelatinous beef stock I made in the pressure cooker. Then covered in the oven at 225F for many hours.


With this particular beef, serious de-fatting was required before serving.


Served with flageolets on the side. 











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No meat tonight.  Store bought (natural) applesauce and frozen lima beans.  Reheated mashed potatoes as only I know how.  Small joke, perhaps, although many Bothans died to bring us this information.  To think -- I used to throw away leftover mashed potatoes in my wretched ignorance.


M.R. went flat, so had to make do with Soave.  Fortunately no lack of Soave.

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Where did you get that beef.. that's some serious marbling?


"With this particular beef, serious de-fatting was required before serving"


With that in mined,  are you cooling and defatting. or scooping it off.







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Its good to have Morels

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I dont mean to be an idiot here, Im bound to do that today somewhere else:


if one has to remove 'the fat' would not a leaner cut, but with 'full beef' flavor be preferred for a 'braise?'


just asking, knowing full well that the 'meat' flavor might be related to fat retained in the cooked meat.



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This looks crazy good! Can you please furnish us with cooking deets please mm?


Thanks! I separate cooked the tails for 1 minute in salted boiling water, then let sit without shocking in ice water. The claws were cooked for 3 minutes. To finish, I pan roasted the tails, still in their shells, in salted butter, and reheated the claw meat off the heat. The sauce is made from the juice of the heads and some lobster stock emulsified with the coral (I only buy female lobsters), olive oil, piment d'espelette and lemon juice. There is also a reduction of lobster stock emulsified with olive oil and truffle juice which glazes the meat. The garnish is salsify which I cooked in butter and some sweetbread stock I had on hand, finished with chopped truffle, truffle julienne, and slices of caramelized salsify.

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I smoked a chuck roast thingy at 70C until it hit 52C, then bagged it and popped it in the sous-vide at 58C for 25 hours.
 The pellet smoker didn't impart much flavour, will skip it next time. Served with a bit of chimichurri and creamy garlic mushrooms.






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We had Buffalo wings (actually used Picante Bufalo sauce) and because Cassie does not like food with bones, I also made some Chicken Parm. with pasta and Alfredo sauce, Italian tomato soup -Giada De Laurentis recipe-and Italian bread made with sour dough starter.









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I made a fish tagine this evening for my winter-weary tongue and eyes: firm white fish marinated in a paste of cilantro and spices, than layered with onion, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and roasted peppers. I seasoned it all with ginger, turmeric, and saffron. I am not a happy fish eater, but this tagine might convert me!


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Thanks :)


A few dishes I've been enjoying recently:




Deboned Pepin-styled Galontine, stuffed with mushrooms, pancetta and cheese. Seared then smoked til done.




Rack of lamb, done to 56C then seared with a blowtorch.




Smoked chicken, done on the Weber. Prefer the flavour over my Daniel Boone. By a lot.

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