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Cook's Illustrated Cookbook: is it worth buying?


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BTW having just seen a recent show, PBS is selling the current TV book for 19.95  + shipping and handling


dont know what S & H is     800-955-0220  PBS


amazon is selling the book for 34.75, clever Bozzo, you need to buy something else for free shipping.


for completeness  only

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I've been subscribing for years and never bother to cancel my auto renewal. It's a fairly expensive 20 minutes of mild entertainment 6x per year. It's incredibly repetitive but the recipes we have tried have over 90% success rate so I keep all my back issues. I have quite the collection now and would probably never buy a compilation book as I wouldn't expect it to contain anything new except an index.

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I have the CI book mentioned and several others by CI (which have recipes recycled by CI). I also have Mark Bittman's 'How to Cook Everything'. I go to the Bittman book probably 10 times more often than the CI book. I think it is far more useful.

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the new 'Complete America's test kitchen TV show cookbook' arrived on reserve for me today.


I took a look.  season 15  ie the current season is included in the main text, unlike their past practices.


it seems you can watch for free some of the TV shows on their website, but Ill leave that to you to figure out.


its a nicely produced weighty tome.  it has the same cover for several years, but don't let that fool you:


this one is 2001 - 2015.


I just saw the show where they update 'mexican favorites' and did meat tacos, and carne asada


the beef rib meat ( boneless ) looks very very tasty, the first dish was a skirt steak asada on the grill.


one the 'Blizzard of 15' passes thorough Im going to be very tempted to get this book from PBS


19,95 + shipping and handling  if the S&H is reasonable.


its a very nice tome.  you get a work-out just lifting it up.

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