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Hello from London


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Hi there, from London.


This seems such a font of knowledge, I'm hoping to learn more and contribute where I can.


I love to cook classical French and Italian food, and a couple of years ago became more interested in the science of cooking. Beginning with a Molecule-R kit, I've moved on to having tubs of hydrochlorides in the kitchen. From gels, raviolis and caviars I love to experiment with new flavours and recipes.


Just starting to see what i can cook in a vac pot, and using mr cream whipper for more exciting uses.



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Hi James.  Welcome to eGullet - always nice to see somebody new from the Commonwealth!


You'll have fun here.  eG is an amazing source of knowledge and experience, and we certainly like our modernist.  I personally recommend this topic for some ideas for an alternative use for your whipper - the blueberry pancakes are great.


Again, welcome.  See you in the forums.





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Welcome to eG, jameswo!


I'm always excited to see a new member from another country, especially my ancestors' homeland.


I'm sure you'll find, as I have, that this site will expand your culinary horizons beyond your wildest dreams. There is SO MUCH good stuff here; anything you're interested in you can find in depth.


Please share with us the food that is normal and everyday to you, but exotic to us over the pond.


ETA: comma to semicolon (sorry, but I just had to)

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Hey fellow Londoner.  Be sure to share your modernist experiments.  I'm playing around with a creamer myself at the moment - pressure infusion of vodka is a truly great thing :)

Sounds good, heard of using it for infusions... Any tips? Any ideas for hot mousse?

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