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Built-in combi oven

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Lucky You !


dual ?


remember, lots of Steam here, some where it has to go 


Id take a great deal of time to get this right.


you are not forced to eat at McDonald's in the mean time ?


do not rush into this, but you have the right idea.


Combi ovens are not ( Yet ) Home Products.


well there is the CSB ( G ) ................

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Let's just review a bit, rather than Fiddle Faddle or Willow Waddle :


"  I learned of Cuisinart's CSO-300 "combo" countertop oven, a $300 newcomer to the combi market. My first shot at trying one out, I immediately place an order. "


so far so good.  Some Here have not made that step.   decent one, after all. the step, not the Waddle.


""  Daniel Boulud's New York City flagship restaurant, Daniel, the kitchen is equipped with two Rational brand commercial combis ""


well he has a bazzillion Stars and as much Bucks.


having all that Green why Rational ?  "" It Speaks for its Self ""


easy to do with a Bazillion.


"" he's such a fan that when he renovated the home kitchen in his apartment above the restaurant last winter, he decided to install Gaggenau's high-end home combi unit ($7,300), ""


that's  B again, with a few bazzllion still burning a Whole in his Pocket.


Good for Him.


""  I am excited to report that the price of wall combis is starting to come down ""




Still ....   its not so much the tiny bit of the bazillion's you still might have in your Pocket  ..


and I hope you really do have a bit of Gold Dust there  ..........


but with out that Dust, they are going to see you comming.


Get some Watts and some Amps.


get one or two or three of the CSB's


for now.


you will do better 


unless that Dust appreciates, consider it. but if you  can get a Dual Rational System.


do that.


I know that's not so helpful


just remember  :


1 ) they know you are coming.


2 ) for Full enjoyment, you really need two


I really hope this works out for you   really well.


you can send us some pics !!


Id love it !!!

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I have been drooling over the Miele combi oven with the removable water reservoir. The only thing that worries me about the top front reservoir is that it requires a pump to get water back to it when it evaporates/condenses and I wonder if that is just another thing to break and have to be serviced.


Cheaper than the Gaggenau I think ... though not free by any means, of course.

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Which Miele combi oven are you talking about - the DGC 6800 XL (not plumbed)? 


How exactly do non-plumbed combi ovens work? Do we need to fill the water reservoir and empty the condensation tray after each use? I'm trying to decide if a plumbed unit is worth the extra money.


Also, I am wondering if Miele ovens (and others at a similar price range) allow adjusting the humidity percentage. Or is this a really high end feature (Gaggenau, Rational, etc)? How important is it to have precise control over humidity?


And also, do units at the Miele level allow precise temperature control that could replace my sous vide? If I recall correctly, MC says that combi ovens are not precise enough to replace sous vide at very low temperatures, but that they are comparable at higher temperatures. But I bet Nathan has a Rational in his lab, so not sure how much of this information applies to the more "affordable" units?


And also, what do units such as the $300 Cuisinart lack in comparison to Miele and similar units?

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Veg and Meat 


or All Done at the Appointed Time




on Great British Menu they have two.


why not me ?




how ever, well, Ive only seen them use it one at a time .....


but What to they Know ?


Id Know.  Id study it ....



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back to what's important :


1 ) have you used a Combi- Oven ?


  I mean that plainly, as that would help you make the proper selection.


if not :


consider the Cuisi-Combo for a bit to help you


then you will never regret what you end up with.




its a wise place to get this right.

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""  what do units such as the $300 Cuisinart lack in comparison to Miele and similar units ""


size and expense.


Ive found nothing even remotely lacking in the CSB


Size, OK


the little magnet thing-ey that the BV-Xl has,  maybe.


but study this so you won't be disappointed first.

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(Miele XL video - worth watching for the 'how does it work' part)

Rotuts - You should apply to be a (paid) ambassador-at-large for Cuisinart (for the combi oven).

seabream - We have a relatively new member (check the 'introductions' section perhaps) who just installed a new kitchen with a Miele combi in it. You might try PM'ing him. And/or maybe you could phone your nearest Miele showroom and ask those questions?

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I also know this :


Steam that comes out of these ovens needs to be carefully deal with.  either from the front when you open the door


or the steam that must escape while you cook.


restaurants seem to have these more or less free standing, so the work steam just enters the kitchen


Id make sure a built-in wont destroy what its built into.


we think that M and G might have this in mind


but well ...............


Id hope there is  high end Kitchen design appliance place you might visit first that has these


before you choose .

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Deryn - That video was very useful, thank you.

We're planning to go to an appliance store soon to see some of the units on our list. I decided to post here first to get educated before going. And also, because I trust eGullet's opinions more than a sales person who probably has never owned a combi oven.

I will try to find the new member who has one of these.


rotuts - Replying to your question, no, I've never cooked with a combi oven. So this will be a learning experience for me. However, the Cuisinart is not something I would consider because 1) using countertop space is not an option and 2) I could find some space for it in the pantry but I don't want steam to be released there.


So, I'll either get one for under the counter, or I'll keep dreaming about it until the next house or kitchen remodel.

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the .pdf is quite interesting.


8k to about 3.5k


there is 'best' , 'excellent' and 'good'


Miele comes in as 'Best'   3.5 K


it however does not have a probe.


would this matter ?


being no expert, I do however know this :


a quality made, durable, appropriate sized steam oven will change the way you cook.


there are a lot of vids on YouTube that showcase the Rational.  ignore the rational bit they give you insight to these ovens in


the larger viersions


take this one for example :





who even knew there was 'banguet mode'   at this site upper R there is another vid that is a training vid.


the probe is discussesd there.


these ovens are far more forgiving than conventional 'dry air' ovens


the probe may allow kitchen staff w little cooking experience to cook expensive items w little failure :


fish, pricey steaks.


that's not to say if you have one of these ovens, you would toss out the probe if it came with it


but price and quality may allow you to do without it after some experience.



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Sorry about the pdf confusion, didn't realize it didn't get pasted properly (and couldn't edit the initial post).


What I find interesting is that  all the combi ovens that are available for home, from what I see in the pictures, none seem have taken the leap when it comes to the controls. The Rational ovens are so easy to use, it's a pleasure to work with one, sadly, no home version available.

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Sooooooooooooooooo  ...................


"" Rational ovens are so easy to use, it's a pleasure to work with one, ""


many of us would like to hear more.


O.K., just me  


pics ?  Voltage ?  3-phase  ?


Drool ?

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