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Mace, 649 E. 9th St., NYC


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Mace will be the new bar where Louis 649 used to be the old bar.  It's not open yet, but theoretically will be sometime early in the new year.  Cocktail Kingdom's Greg Boehm is the owner, and partner Nico de Soto will be running the show.  Before they close and renovate the Louis 649 space, Nico is hosting a holiday themed cocktail pop-up, called Miracle on 9th Street, which will be open through December 23rd.

Anyone who knows Nico's drinks (he opened ECC in NYC and Prescription Cocktail Club in Paris, amongst others) knows that they are fairly ingredient intensive, with (usually) 4 or more ingredients, some of which may even sound a little strange on paper - marshmallow and Budweiser syrup, anyone?

Significant Eater and I checked it out on opening night, this past Saturday. As I mentioned, many of the cocktails sound a bit strange on paper, but pretty much everything I tasted was good (I mean, not as good as a beautifully made Manhattan, but what is?). There's smoke, there's frankincense, there are candy canes, there are nogs, there are flips, there's a sangaree. Definitely drinks of the season, spicy and sweet. But really well balanced...with a good use of citrus. Worth giving a look-see if you like these types of cocktails...and really, what's not to like during the holidays?

COMP DISCLOSURE:  I am pretty sure a round of drinks was on the house.

Mitch Weinstein aka "weinoo"

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