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Which flavors work well as essences?


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Hi everyone,


I'm ordering some pastry things and thought I should add in a few flavourings - I've just (finally!) obtained Greweling's book and am keen to step up the chocolate work and maybe a bit of other confectionery. But my limited experience with essences/flavourings in the past is that they usually don't give the effect I want  - that is, they taste quite artificial or just a bit strange.

So my question is, are there some flavours that are definitely GOOD to have in essence form? I imagine some just work out better than others, and maybe work well in conjunction with puree or just as an extra boost to natural infusions?

I'm going to get some mint essence, and wondering about stuff like passionfruit, raspberry, lemon, lime. Coconut?


What are your go-to flavourings?

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